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These are just some of the many unsolicited testimonials and thanks we’ve received over the last few years in regard to our Personal Training.


Fred Hatfield

Every once in awhile, you have the pleasure — honor, really — to make an acquaintance with someone on the far right of the greatness curve.   In my walk through the world of peak performance strength sports, that would be Murph!  I have known Murph for decades.  I have watched almost everything he has done in the field of strength, and in coaching strength athletes.  No one does it better.  No one does it with more passion.  And, no one will make such a punctuation mark in your life as this mega-personality!

Definitely go to Total Performance Sports!  Just look around.  One of the best training facilities I have ever seen awaits you.  Few have the knowledge or wisdom to build such a facility, let alone train elite athletes, kids and little old ladies alike with such amazing results.  This will change your entire life, I assure you!

Recently, I conducted a strength seminar at TPS, and Murph filled the aerobics gym with over 200 people from all walks of life.  He is an icon in his home town, that’s for sure!  You’re gonna love stopping by!

Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D
International Sports Sciences Association

Ed Coan

C.J. Murphy is a real trainer that produces real results.

No gimmicks, No hype, No B.S.

I trust C.J. Murphy!!!

Ed Coan

Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter IKFF

CJ Murphy is an expert Strength & Conditioning coach with a lifetime of practical experience, working with young athletes, professionals, and everyone in between.



TPS is a great gym outfitted with every training tool you could want or need and more importantly, the knowledge and experience to know what to use, when and how much, if you are serious about improving your fitness and strength.

Total Performance Sports is THE place to train in the Boston area, and Murph and his staff are the ones who will help you reach your goals.

Director International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF)
Named one of Top 100 Fittest Men of All-time by Men’s Health Magazine

Chad Aichs

It seems like athletic and strength trainers are a dime a dozen these days.  Every where you look people are claiming to be trainers.  Seems like all you have to do is take a few classes, a seminar, or some certification and all the sudden your a strength trainer.  As you can guess most of these so call trainers are horrible.

Any trainer worth is weight has taken his own advice.  He can back his theories and skills with his own results.  He is or has been an athlete and he has had success in his sport.  You may learn some things in the classroom or lecture hall but the real learning begins with real life experience.  For this reason I trust C.J Murphy and Total Performance Sports.

Murph has walked the walk and talked the talk.  He has pushed his body to the limit in strength sports.  He has trained and competed with the best of the best.  He has trained athletes to results you can see.  Murph has learned from his own experience and being an athlete,  he has learned from other top athletes and he has learned from training countless clients.  This knowledge he has earned through a lifetime of training his butt off.  Its real world knowledge, not some BS some skinny guy made up in a classroom.  Murph has the knowledge, dedication, and love of training to help anyone achieve their goals.

Total Performance Sports is the perfect place to achieve your goals.  Its a no nonsense training facility set up for people to get results.  Its not a gym made to look pretty and full of useless machines.  Its a training  facility designed specifically with everything you need to acheive whatever your goal is.  All you have to bring is a good work ethic, dedication, and the ability to listen to great coach like Murph.

Chad Aichs

Ken Blackburn

C.J. Murphy is an outstanding and enthusiastic coach with an impressive diversity of skills/knowledge. If you are in the Boston area, his gym is the place to go!  Conventional training, unconventional training…they have it all!

Ken Blackburn

Dave Tate of

dave tateTPS has taken the best training methods from around the world and integrated them in such a way to make them specific to the individuals they work with. The results they have produced speak for themselves. Any client would do well to avail themselves of their services. Read More

Dave Tate – Founder and CEO of EliteFitnessSystems

Molly Galbraith

Molly GalbraithMurph and his crew at Total Performance Sports are absolutely top notch.  From strongman competitors and powerlifters to someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, these guys get their clients results the results they are looking for, and help them reach their goals in the quickest way possible.  Murph is 100%, absolutely, no-questions-asked… the real deal.

Molly Galbraith

Julia Ladewski

julia ladewskiCJ Murphy has an extensive background with strongman, powerlifting, kettlebells, strength, you name it. I’ve seen Murph work with folks who are total beginners and folks who are top level competitors. His eye for detail is second to none. No matter what your goals, TPS is a place that will get you to where you want to be!

Julia Ladewski

Jason Ferrugia

jason ferrugiaC.J. Murphy walks the walk and knows how to deliver REAL results. With over 25 years of coaching experience he’s seen it all and done it all. If you want to get strong and be truly fit, do exactly what he says.

Matt Kroc

matt krocCJ Murphy is a household name in the strength and conditioning world and for good reason.  He has over two decades of experience working with people ranging from world class powerlifters and strongmen to middle aged soccer moms.  Regardless of your back ground and goals CJ has been there and done that.

Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn CosgroveCJ Murphy and  the team at Total Performance Sports run one of the best training gyms in the country. They not only understand sports and exercise science – they can actually APPLY that knowledge and deliver world class results to real world, busy people. Great gym, great people, great results. They do the thinking for you – you just who up, put in the work and get all the rewards. I’m proud to know them.

Alwyn Cosgrove Founder and CEO of Results Fitness

Sean Hyson

sean hysonI have C.J. Murphy’s number on speed dial, and there’s hardly a week that goes by where I don’t email him. Why is this? Am I needy? Am I a stalker? Do I just have a fetish for big, muscular guys with goatees? All of the above are probably true, but the main reason is that Murph is among the absolute best at what he does. He’s got more experience than practically any other coach I know, and his knowledge is second to none. But above all, it’s his passion for helping people get stronger and better at whatever they choose that impresses me most. I love this guy.

Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., training director for Muscle&Fitness and Men’s Fitness magazines

Josh Bryant

josh1When it comes to giving fitness recommendations, I am a snob! Without hesitation, I can recommend CJ Murphy and TPS for the serious strength athlete or someone that has the desire to train hard and wants results but needs the tools—CJ and TPS possess the tools.  The gym is equipped with all of the proven basics and updated with advancements that work and are proven by exercise science and do not succumb to exercise fashion. If you are in Boston—you are crazy to not train at TPS—I cannot recommend it enough.

Josh Bryant, MS (Best-selling author, renowned trainer)

Marc “Spud” Bartley

Marc Spud BartleyI have known Murph from TPS for getting close to 10 years now. He has helped me on numerous occasions with  nutritional programs with his no nonsense approach to things. He lays it out simple so everyone can get it and understand it. I had a lot of questions in particular on one session with the diet plan , we went back and forth on emails a lot but it wasn’t sinking in right. He called me and we got it down. It is hard to find coaches who will take the time to call you to make sure you get it.  I appreciated this a lot and has kept me getting coaching help from him.   The facility has tons of room and all the equipment anyone who wants to train anything serious can do, Murph keeps adding to this too staying on top of the newest ideas and bringing them into a usable format for everyone. I can go on but you get the point! Thanks Murph!

Dave Stuhlsatz
I have the good fortune to be coached by Kevin Cann at Total Performance Sports.

Nicole Sullivan
I placed 5th overall out of 21 people. I feel really good about how I did.

Kathleen Leslie
In mid-2014 I joined the Total Performance Sports Method class with the goal to get stronger.

Dennis L.
“When you start training with a knowledgeable and experienced coach you quickly realize how much of a disservice you did to yourself delaying the investment.”

Sue P.
“Kevin would tell everyone what to do and then come over and explain the movements to me before checking in with everyone else…. That was the best instruction that I have ever received in a class experience.”

Danielle B.
“I’ve worked out in a lot of gyms in the Boston area and I can honestly say – TPS has unquestionably the best and most knowledgeable staff around.”

Dick M.
“…you are always there to lend support, whether it’s advice on his lifting technique, positive encouragement or just a simple hello.”

Carol M.
“This is the first gym that I’ve ever belonged to where I don’t feel like it’s all about the money.”

Donna V.
“I went from 26% body fat to 13.5% and I have gained lean muscle…. My old pants and skirts are literally dropping off me!”

Lisa C.
“Coming to train at TPS after training with other fitness professionals is beyond compare.”

The Forshay Family
“We know it must be a great personal satisfaction to see Matthew’s condition today than when he went to you eighteen months ago, even when all his doctors held out so little hope for such a great recovery.”

Steve G.
“Murph is eminently qualified to create a program and then provide the encouragement to spur one on to personal excellence.”

Lisa Lyons
“I am a 40-year-old mother of two and have been training with Murph at Total Performance Sports for the last year…. I’ve never looked or felt better.”

Nick Liatsos
“I was so intrigued by their training methods I made a lecture presentation on behalf of the NSCA regarding their strongman exercises.”

Kathe TG
“I can even feel good about myself sharing some clothes with my teen-aged daughters.”

Andrew V.
“The facility is one of a kind. It has everything anyone would need to succeed in their personal goals”

Justin Powers
“I wish I could pack up your gym and take it with me.”

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