Total Performance Sports is truly worthy of its votes as one of America’s top 20 gyms.

I would see these signs in the gym and wouldn’t think much of it, that it is until I moved. I quickly realized how lucky I was to be able to train at TPS. The trainers that you have grouped together are beyond a doubt professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

The facility is one of a kind. It has everything anyone would need to succeed in their personal goals; from breaking powerlifting or strongman records to newbies that have never stepped foot in a gym.

The Saturday events that are put on by you and the trainers are awesome. It’s like getting a personal training session for pennies on the dollar.

The only thing I regret was that I didn’t join TPS sooner. The year and half I trained there was way too quick. If Uncle Sam didn’t order me to relocate then I would have never left TPS.

People in the Boston area have no idea just how good they have it at TPS.

Thanks for all the knowledge TPS gave me,

Andrew S. Vetter