I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I couldn’t be happier that I switched to Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training over a year ago.

I must admit that I was a little intimidated at first when I walked into the location at Victoria Street (and even from what I saw on line) but that feeling evaporated the minute I began talking to Erica. She showed me around, answered all my questions and never once tried to force me to join with some crazy story about prices changing after today, you can change your mind if you don’t like it, etc…I came back 2 days later and signed up. One of the things that impressed me about Erica was when I asked her for her name so she could get credit for my membership (after all I thought ALL gyms worked on commission) she said not to worry because “it didn’t work that way”. Bonus points for not being like my other gyms.

My first experience with TPS and Group X classes was Chuck’s “Gutts and Butts” class…I was definitely the new girl and not only did HE know it, so did every one else. Normally that would be uncomfortable but the way that Chuck singled me (and every one else) out with nicknames, I felt like I had been there for a long time. The other people in the class quickly became “friends” and not just members. Offering everything from encouragement when completing stations to assistance on how to do exercises correctly. I still take Chuck’s classes every Monday and Wednesday and although I no longer am the “new girl” he does make sure I’m working hard, continues to push me to challenge myself using heavier weights and notices when I’m having an off day.

My second experience with Group X classes was kettlebells with Kevin on Thursday nights. I had no idea how to even use a kettlebell so I decided to come to class a little early. Kevin spent at least 20 minutes before class helping me choose the correct weight and working on my form. This made my first class a lot easier not to mention that since I was new to his class I actually got one on one attention to do things right until I was up to speed. Chuck has since started teaching Thursday night kettlebells which is a great class and I still love to take Kevin’s Saturday morning class. The patience they both exhibit with new members while keeping the pace challenging for regulars is unbridled. Speaking from experience on both sides, as a new member you never feel like you are slowing down the class and as a regular, you never feel like you are being slowed down.

My first year at TPS was a great experience and the classes only seemed to get better. As I met more members of the staff I noticed one thing…once they knew my name, they always used it. I found this really interesting because I know they meet and see a lot of people on a daily basis and have a base of their own personal clients that they need to remember. I didn’t have any personal one on one sessions with any of them so I was impressed that when I would see them in passing they would use my name. Specifically Steve has taught ONE kettlebell class that I have taken. He recognized me as a ‘veteran’ and asked me my name (and eventually put me and 2 others at the front of the class that night to demonstrate exercises when needed). It was (of course) a great class but that withstanding, every time I see him he always says “Hi Carol”…again, I only had interaction with him that one time, in a group setting, and am impressed that he remembers me.

When it was time to renew my membership, I decided to sign my son up as well for 3 months. I really felt this would be a second home to him, not a chore like other gyms are. As I was walking around with him we ran into Chuck. I couldn’t have been more impressed when Chuck remembered that he was a HS hockey player! I knew that I had mentioned my son at some point to Chuck but I know I never went into great detail. Maybe he remembered what I said or maybe he heard me talking to friends in class but either way he remembered and told him that boxing and kettlebells would be the best things for him to be ready for hockey season.

Unfortunately my son didn’t work out as much as I wanted him to but when he did box with Eddie, he loved it. The first intro class my son was the only one in it and he got the best one on one instruction and fundamental knowledge of boxing AND he was hooked. Whenever I was in class without my son, Eddie was always asking for him as well as saying how impressed he was when my son did come to these classes. It’s really too bad my son didn’t stick with it. I can’t stress enough that it was not TPS or Eddie it was merely because XBox was more important!

After I renewed my membership on line I received an email a few days later with a “special offer” to returning members. A few days earlier I had already paid the online rate of $299 but this email offer was for a renewal rate for returning members of $249. During my next visit to TPS while filling out the required renewal paperwork, I mentioned the email and price differences to Erica. I honestly didn’t think anything would be done but she said that my credit card could be credited the $50 difference. I was shocked. Any other gym would have said ‘too bad’…

The list of of positive experiences at Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training go on and on.

From those above to my first nutritional consultation with you to the Fit Camp that I started in October with Phil. It seems the longer I stay, the better it gets and even though the gym has tripled in size, the atmosphere, unpretentious attitudes and the way I’m treated have all stayed the same. This is the first gym that I’ve ever belonged to where I don’t feel like it’s all about the money.

Thank you to you and all of the TPS staff for all you do to make coming to TPS a great experience.

The atmosphere and attitudes are such that I NEVER dread going to workout and have often found myself there on Friday nights for boxing because I enjoy it THAT much. Thanks again!!