For those of us who make fitness or sports performance goals a priority in their lives, there comes a point when you realize you need to get help. Because to have success with whatever your goals are, it requires a combination of consistent hard work and the right tools.

Personal Training with Russ at Total Performance Sports gave me everything I needed to reach my goals and then set new ones to strive for.

I am stronger, healthier, look better, and am confident as hell. To be honest, I was hesitant to get a “trainer” at first because I felt like that was a cop out. “Couldn’t I do this on my own. There’s lots of info on the web… ” Fast forward 5 months and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.

When you start training with a knowledgeable and experienced coach you quickly realize how much of a disservice you did to yourself delaying the investment. For the first time in my life I was using proper technique on all my lifts and smashing numbers that I never thought were possible. My perspective on setting goals and what was possible has completely changed, and I’m even thinking about competing. And I’m not a meathead.

“Nagging ailments” I had always lived with suddenly disappeared because I was actually recruiting all of my muscles and firing as a single unit. No more back pain or knee aches. Not only was I performing well at the gym, I was able to function freely outside the gym, which for even the biggest gym rat is a majority of your time. But aside from all of the physical benefits, what I value most is the knowledge and confidence I have gained. I know how to do every exercise in my routine properly, meaning I get the most out of each rep, and you should too. I know what my body responds well to and now have a program that I can follow that allows me to make progress EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Most importantly, I know the little things that make a difference day in and day out… attitude, effort, consistency, understanding the importance of recovery. None of this would have been possible without Russ and the team at TPS. Long story short, working with Russ at Total Performance Sports has made this “beginner” who thought he was pretty good with weights and turned his world upside down. In a short time I’ve built a solid physical AND mental base that will last me a lifetime.

As I continue on my journey toward elite fitness, I look forward to the challenges, the gains, and working with the team at TPS to smash through anything I thought possible to be my absolute best.