I joined Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training in April 2011.

I belonged to another club for years and I was dedicated in doing a self-imposed weekly weight training/cardio routine. I was looking for a change and needed to spark my routine to get the physical changes I desired, but was not achieving.

I learned of Total Performance Sports via an internet search and made use of a free week pass. I knew I liked the place before the week ended. During the trial week, I participated in as many classes as possible. Their classes are not your usual gym classes. No zumba, spin or “air” cardio kickboxing. You get kettlebell and gutts & butts. I found these classes more effective than any gym class I had taken in the past. After 2 weeks of taking kettlebell and gutts & butts classes twice a week, I noticed a physical change in my arms and mid section. Muscle was showing!

In May 2011, I decided to do personal training with Kevin Delaney. I also met with Murph and I was put on a strict diet. My goal was to get leaner, especially my lower body. Initially I was concerned with the prospect of training with heavier weights and doing power exercises like the squat and deadlift. I did these on my own using dumb bells, but never with “The Big Bar”. I was afraid of getting hurt and of getting too big. Kevin allayed my fears and has been a great teacher. He explains things well, is attentive to form, and is cognizant of your abilities and knows when to push it in a safe manner. I was amazed with proper instruction on technique and form of the weight I could do, and I have not experience any usual discomfort or injury.

More importantly have been the results from Boston’s Best Personal Training!

I went from 26% body fat to 13.5% and I have gained lean muscle. The dreaded belly fat has dropped dramatically, my obliques are more defined, I am seeing arm definition, my legs are getting leaner and I have developed a higher and shapelier butt! My old pants and skirts are literally dropping off me! I am very happy with my results.

I just started the Total Transformation Boot Camp class for December and it is another great fitness program I am experiencing. Chuck and the other trainers are great coaches. They teach us routines that are effective in getting lean and at the same time gearing up the cardio. I learn something new each time.

Total Performance Sports is truly a results oriented gym. The entire staff is great and not just their knowledge but in friendliness too.

Thanks Kevin, Murph and all at TPS.

Looking forward to another great fitness year in 2012!

Donna V.