In mid-2014 I joined the Total Performance Sports Method class with the goal to get stronger. Towards the end of the eight week prep phase I sustained an injury to my left shoulder that is very common for people who sit at a desk all day. I informed the Method coaches and the gym owner of the injury and they set to work immediately in tailoring the sessions to meet my injury and mobility limitations. This would ensure that I continued to gain strength while receiving treatment from the in-house chiropractor on Saturdays in addition to focused training with the strength and mobility coach three days per week during Method class.

Their dedication to my recovery and success has been no less than astounding. During the past six months they have closely monitored my progress by tweaking movements that were presenting difficulty and introducing various mobility drills to achieve the desired range of motion for each stage of my recovery.

To maintain, and progress in, my strength levels, they introduced modifications of the three main lifts that comprise Method:  squats, over-head press, and deadlifts. These modifications put my body in a better position to heal AND get stronger at the same time.

However, what really struck me is their ability to work with the whole person. To realize that by nurturing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of an athlete during each work out that you are truly building on all of the STRENGTHS that an athlete is building when they dedicate themselves to training. By focusing on these core areas, my coaches were able to successfully help me maneuver the disappointment of being injured and build the patience to take things slow. Their continual praise as I made gains, and encouragement as I experienced set-backs, ensured that I would continue to build on that desire to be stronger.

Indeed, all of the hard work and determination paid off when the modifications for the heavy lifts were removed and I achieved a 30 pound PR in 15 days on my squat and a 15 pound PR in the same time on my over-head press. Simply Amazing!

So, if you are looking for a training center with coaches that care about every athlete’s success-from beginners to elite-then Total Performance Sports is where you need to be. The coaches are educated and highly trained with extensive knowledge in various fields from nutrition to proper rehab technique to powerlifting and everything in between. They will help you to discover the goal that works best for you AND the best path to achieve it!

– Kathleen Leslie