I wanted to extend this letter of praise and gratitude to you and Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training for a job well done in helping me with my fitness goals over the past year.

Coming to train at TPS after training with other fitness professionals is beyond compare. Many of them have a “one size fits all” approach to their training which awarded me minimal results. Your commitment and focus to personalized training has allowed me to achieve great strides in my over all health and fitness level. I have lost inches, gained muscle, and discovered strength.

Each workout is planned with ME in mind, and geared towards hitting a goal not a plateau. The experience and knowledge you bring to the gym floor, along with your willingness to share, speaks volumes. Your explanation of exercises, form, and muscles used, has spared me from injury. Your enthusiasm, love for weight training, and commitment to clients, is visible throughout each training session.

All this combined, makes working out at TPS an awarding experience. Thanks Murph for helping me achieve my fitness goals, build confidence in weight training, and most of all – be a better stronger ME.

A work in progress,

Lisa Cutulle