It is with great pleasure and unreserved passion that I highly recommend Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training and the services of C.J. Murphy. What a great place to train! The level of knowledge and commitment to excellence by both of these fine gentlemen is exemplary.

I have worked mostly with Murph and welcome this opportunity to share my experience with others. I sincerely believe that Murph may be one of the best professional trainers in the world. Whether the goal is powerlifting, strongman competition, sports specific training or just getting in great shape Murph is eminently qualified to create a program and then provide the encouragement to spur one on to personal excellence.

In my case I came to TPS and Murph with the somewhat ambitious and dubious goal of competing in a strongman competition at the age of 52 with little prior strength training. Frankly, I had my doubts, but then in my first 3 months of training I lost 6 pounds of fat, gained 6 pounds of muscle, put ¼” on my upper arms, more than 1” on my thighs and lowered my overall bodyfat by 2% while maintaining the same body weight. I am in the best shape of my life and getting stronger every week.

I am stronger and faster than I ever believed possible at my age and I absolutely credit Murph for the results. I now believe wholeheartedly that I will compete and that I will do well.

Review of Total Performance Sports Boston's Best PErsonal Training

As a side benefit I will add that I am having more genuine fun then I have had in years. When I train at TPS the stress and grind of running a business melt away and I feel like a kid again.

I was concerned when I first joined Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training that I might not fit in, but since then I have realized that the TPS clientele are quite diverse and I have always felt very comfortable and welcome. Despite the raucous music and clanging of steel everyone I have met have been extremely friendly and helpful.

As I said above, what a great place to train!!! Oh yeah, my one minor criticism might be the music. They play this loud weird stuff that I have never heard before. It does seem to motivate me, but it could be just heart palpitations from the loud thumping beat. I am not sure.


Hey Murph, how about some Dion and the Belmonts or Gene Pitney?? (just kidding)