We haven’t met yet, but I am a new TPS member. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I have had an excellent start to my time at TPS.

Not only have all of the front desk staff been really helpful and friendly, but I wanted to share my class experience with you as well.

A week ago Saturday, I signed up for a free week to try out some classes and see if TPS was the place for me. I attended the Kettlebell class and was a little bit more than a little bit overwhelmed before it even started. After walking into the class area, I asked someone if they were teaching the class or if he knew who was teaching that day. It turns out that I had asked Chuck who was so helpful! He explained that he does teach but wasn’t teaching that class. He came to attend the class and wound up helping me out throughout the entire class from picking kettlebells and explaining the warm-up moves to helping me get down the basics. After a week of trying classes, I decided that TPS was right for me and joined. I attended Kevin’s kettlebell class again last Saturday. Since I had some of the basics down (more than I initially realized), Kevin would tell everyone what to do and then come over and explain the movements to me before checking in with everyone else. This gave me the confidence that I was really getting the fundamentals and receiving excellent instruction. That was the best instruction that I have ever received in a class experience.

I am not a morning person and TPS isn’t the most geographically convenient but I know that I will be a regular at Saturday morning kettlebell classes. I am looking forward to my intro sessions as well which I will schedule soon.

-Sue P August 2012

P.S. I will only skip this Saturday’s kettlebell class if I get the courage up to attend the Strongwoman session as a total newbie–I don’t think that I’d survive both in the same day and be moving at all on Sunday.