See how TPS started, why TPS is different  and why we are the best gym in the Boston area.

TPS was started with one thing in mind, to give our clients the best.

The best training environment, the best equipment and the best coach/coaches. Our philosophy is if a customer spends one dollar, we must give them two dollars in value, each time, every time.

Back to how we got started, way back in 1999, Murph was working at a few different gyms, as well as coaching boxing and kick boxing classes at Rich Angelo’s Karate Academy in Everett. Rich offered Murph the opportunity to take over the boxing/kickboxing portion of his business for the right price. This led to Murph no longer working at any other gyms, and bringing personal training clients and his training partners to the new Total Performance Sports inside Rich Angelo’s Karate. This was great because our training style didn’t really mesh in commercial gyms anyway.

The original TPS was just a 900 square foot weight room with a bunch of heavy bags and boxing equipment in it. It was pretty crowded to say the least! It wasn’t fancy, but it had the BEST training environment anywhere.

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The first location. 900 square feet of awesome.


We added more equipment, more coaches, and more clients until we were bursting at the seams. We also garnered a reputation nationally as one of the best gyms in the USA, earning the title of One of America’s Twenty Best Gyms in 2005 from Men’s Health Magazine.

In March of 2007, TPS moved into a new 7000 square foot location. We added a ton of the best strength training equipment available,  more classes and more coaches.

 boston, Malden, gym, personal training , TPS

The 2nd TPS location.


The Victoria St. location got too small very quickly.

In December of 2010, TPS moved into it’s 3rd location at Vine Street. It was huge, almost 30,000 square feet! We were one of the BIGGEST gyms in Massachusetts.
The Vine St. location had EVERYTHING you could ever want.

 boston, Malden, gym, personal training , TPS

The 3rd location.

After we moved into Vine Street, we earned the title of One of America’s Twenty Best Gyms a second time from Men’s Health Magazine. TPS has also been featured too many times to mention in many major media outlets including CNN, the Boston Globe, Fox25 Boston, Star 93.7 , the Improper Bostonian, Channel 7 Boston, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness and many more. We have produced many state, national and world champion athletes in the strength sports and helped thousands of people just like you achieve their goals.
Sadly, the building was sold out from under us and we were forced to move. The first two moves were voluntary due to growth. The move from Vine Street was involuntary. In the end it was a good thing for us. In the time we were at Vine Street, I feel the brand was confused and unfocused due to the size of the building and the overhead.
TPS has settled into its new location in Malden. We are smaller but more focused on what we do best here. TPS is back to its roots.


 boston, Malden, gym, personal training , TPS

Our new home.

We are all about strength.
Strength of mind, strength of body and strength of character.
It doesn’t matter if you are a world class lifter or a mom of three looking to get in shape.
TPS offers a service for you.


We will help you achieve your goals.
For the lifters, we have the best equipped weight room full of Strongman, Weightlifting and Powerlifting equipment.
For the person looking to get into the best shape of their life, we have a dedicated Personal Training section where you can take advantage of one of our semi-private groups or see a coach privately.
Come by TPS and see how we can help you achieve your goals, you’ll be happy that you did


Here is a list of some of TPS’s recognition: