• Member Minutes November 2017

    Last month we had a bunch of TPS lifters compete in sunny Florida at the USAPL Raw Nationals! Kevin Cann brought a team of his athletes and we also had many members lift as well. Here is how they did: Jessica Ward: Completed 7 of 9 attempts with a 375 kg/825 lbs. total Best squat:

  • November 2017

    Nick Cambi is en fuego: From Nick Cambi: Pro Strongman Vegas round two in three weeks NAS Nationals at Amateur Heavyweight Chasing Procard #2! World Strongest Man 105kg in December as well Stay Tuned! From Victor Biryukov: Powerlifting Hey, I know you usually want an update regards lifting some crazy weights or crazy exercises unfortunately

  • Coming Events at TPS November 2017

    November 11, 2017: RPR Level One Certification Seminar at TPS November 18, 2017: Training Day: Bench Press November 19, 2017: Mastering the Squat with Andrey Malanichev December 9, 2017: Strongman Saturday: Axle Clean and Press December 16, 2017: Training Day: The Deadlift

  • My Self Analysis of Coaching After Raw Nationals

        After each competition I have a list of things that each athlete needs to work on.  These are mostly technical errors within the lifts, but sometimes it is psychological.  In this article, I am going to point the finger at myself and list the things that went well and also the things that

  • Squat Training Day October 2017

    The next TPS Training Day is Saturday October 21st at noon and we are coaching the Squat. REGISTER HERE NOW! Squatting is life. Squatting is AWESOME. Squatting makes you stronger. Squatting is NOT dangerous or bad for you. Let us show you how to: Breathe/Brace Root into the ground Choose the optimal stance Deliver the

  • It Is OK To Be Wrong

    I have been in this profession in some manner since the fall of 2005.  Over time it is safe to say I have learned a few things.  The more that I learn, the less I feel I know.  I have made mistakes in the past and I have drastically changed how I do things over

  • What’s New at TPS October 2017

    Perception. Perception is everything. Yours is different than mine. That’s ok. Let’s talk about TPS for a moment. We have weekly team meetings and we discuss all aspects of the business and the environment that we have created here. We are also always looking for ways to improve. Perception is one of the things we

  • Member Minutes October 2017

    TPS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kevin Cann is taking a crew of lifters to the USAPL Powerlifting Raw Nationals in sunny Orlando Florida this month. He has the following lifters competing: Kerry Sachs 52kg lifting Tuesday morning Nick Santangelo 93kg lifting Friday morning Danielle Bond 84+kg lifting Saturday morning Dave Rocklage 105kg lifting Saturday

  • October 2017

      Nick Cambi of TeamTPS just finished 5th overall at America’s Strongest Man in Vegas. I am waiting for an update from him. Congratulations Nick.   Rosty Kharchenko Hi! My training going as planned. Still going high volume- sets of eight and ten across all big three. It brings its fruit-bodyweight and muscle mass growing

  • The Kraken Files: Depression and Anxiety-Deal With It

    Sooooooo last month I promised a second part of the diet conversation, in which I’d get a little more specific about my personal diet, what I eat and when, etc., but like your parents telling you all about the Tooth Fairy….. I LIED. Instead, this month I am going to discuss something that is plaguing