• Member Minutes August 2017

    Danielle Bond just killed it! On July 22nd, former TPS coach, and current Team TPS lifter, Danielle Bond competed in her first USAPL meet. Danielle has competed in three RPS meets, but wanted to test herself against the strongest raw lifters in the country at the USAPL Raw Nationals. To do this, Danielle would need

  • August 2017

    TeamTPS Athlete Update: I’ve got a few updates this month from the team. Ladies first; her is Lodrina Cherne’s news: Spent the end of June in Austin, Texas at a digital forensics conference and was fortunate to also visit the Stark Center at UT Austin on the same trip. The Stark Center houses a variety

  • The Kraken Files: Goal Based Training

    The funny thing is that besides the fact that this is a really good article, Kevin and I discussed many of the same topics recently and agree 100% much of this. We were discussing a semi famous Internet coach who bashes lots of people and claims that lifters can only do the classic lifts while

  • Coming Events at TPS August 2017

    July 29, 2017: Malden’s Strongest Contest at Idle Hands Taproom August 18, 2017: Rich Angelo’s Anniversary August 19, 2017: Training Day: Deadlift September 9, 2017: Strongman Saturday: Tire Flips September 16-18, 2017: The Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) Seminar with Chris Duffin

  • Analyzing the Squats from IPF Worlds:

        For those of you who are into the strength sports, you know that the International Powerlifting federation (IPF) just wrapped up their 2017 world championships.  Each year when this happens, I like to take a look at what the best in the world are doing.   In this article I am going to

  • Understanding Supercompensation

      Every coach in the industry that has read Verkoshansky and Siff’s “Supertraining” will always throw around the word supercompensation. However, I feel like many of these same coaches do not have a good grasp of what that term means. In the sports science world supercompensation simply refers to the period of time after a

  • Should You Accelerate Lighter Weights?

        On June 3rd I gave my presentation on the Sheiko system at TPS. For those of you that do not know me well, I have been coached by Boris for my almost two years in the sport of powerlifting. To say that I have learned a lot is an understatement.     There

  • What’s New July 2017

    I am going to be quick this month because it is busy here and you don’t want to read 5000 words from me right? TPS has lots of cool stuff coming up for you in the next few months: Murph Beach will be fully operational Chris Duffin is coming for the KMS seminar The Roundtable

  • Member Minutes July 2017

      Caroline Lombardi will be kicking someone’s ass.   I got this email from long time TPS member and all around AWESOME person, Caroline Lombardi: Wanted to give you some info on the fight. The event is held by a group called Haymakers for Hope and all of the money raised goes to Dana Farber.

  • July 2017

      Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile just got back from APF Equipped Nationals in Florida. We were hoping to see her PR in the deadlift (She did deadlift only). Sadly, Jane had a tough day and was not successful due to a few technical errors. Her third deadlift attempt did not count, as she