• The Diesel Injection

    Hello everybody. My name’s Jedd Johnson. I’m from Diesel Crew, and love all strength sports, especially Strongman and Grip. Here’s a little story… I first met Murph in 2003 at his Massachusetts Strongest Man Contest. We got to his parking lot, saw his familiar goatee-covered chin and said, “Hey is this TPS?” He then greeted

  • More Band Tension

    By CJ Murphy for Elitefts.com A recent post by Jim Wendler about Jump Stretch band tension got me thinking about some things. Let me preface what I’m about to say is that by no means am I the guy who tells you that he squatted 800 pounds because that’s what my band tension made of

  • Protein Basics

    Over the next three months I’ll explain the three basic food categories and give you a better understanding of them.   The three basic food categories are carbohydrate, fat and protein.   Up first this month is protein. What is protein? Protein is what our body uses to build lean tissue, or muscle. Here are