• I have helped many people tear decks of cards, both in person and through my Card Tearing eBook. When I help people in person, I often see the same error repeated time after time. The hardest thing about tearing cards is getting the tear started. Once that is done, finishing the tear should be easy.


    A Partially Torn Deck of Cards

    However, because getting the tear started is so hard, especially with a top-shelf deck of cards, you can run out of steam after the tear is started. Hitting this “wall” is comes from maintaining the same grip on the cards while straining so hard on the deck. Fresh circulation is cut off into the fingers, the muscles tire, and there’s no choice but to stop.

    What I often suggest once the tear is started is to dig one or more of the fingers into the split of the cards once it is started. This accomplishes two things.

    First, it affords you a moment to open your hands. Just this short micro-break can be enough to increase healthy blood flow into the fingers and relieve the cramping that might have already started.

    Second, if you dig a finger or thumb into the crease of the cards, you can use it as an extra point of contact to pry the cards apart. This new handle makes it much easier to finish the tear, especially if your hands are tired.

    Here are a few ways you can transition the cards so you can use the split in the deck like a handle to hold onto.


    Above, I dig a finger into the separation and begin to peel the top of the deck off with my right thumb. For me, this is a bit awkward position for my top hand, but it may feel just fine for you, so make sure to give it a try.



    Above, I dig a finger into the separation and continue peeling the top of the deck of with my right hand. If it is more comfortable, you can also use the bottom hand as the action hand to finish the tear. This is my strongest and favorite way to finish off a tough deck of cards.


    Above, I dig my thumb into the separation and use my top hand to peel off the deck. This is a great option for you if the fingers on your bottom hand are tired. You can let your bottom thumb do the work on that hand.

    As you can see there are plenty of options for you to finish a deck of cards off. I encourage you to play around with these techniques and to try others as well. The bottom line is try to find what feels natural and strongest for you. If you find a different way to finish a deck of cards off, then leave a comment or shoot me an image by email and I will post it here as well.

    Thanks and all the best in your training,


    P.S. If you want to learn more about tearing decks of cards, check out the Card Tearing eBook. It’s gotten great feedback and many people have spoken about how quickly it helps them to improve. Check it out here ===. How to Tear Cards in Half

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