• Member Minutes July 2017

      Caroline Lombardi will be kicking someone’s ass.   I got this email from long time TPS member and all around AWESOME person, Caroline Lombardi: Wanted to give you some info on the fight. The event is held by a group called Haymakers for Hope and all of the money raised goes to Dana Farber.

  • July 2017

      Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile just got back from APF Equipped Nationals in Florida. We were hoping to see her PR in the deadlift (She did deadlift only). Sadly, Jane had a tough day and was not successful due to a few technical errors. Her third deadlift attempt did not count, as she

  • The Kraken Files: July 2017 Coaching

    The Kraken Files: July 2017 Coaching

        So this month I wasn’t sure what the hell to write about….I can rant on and on about a variety of subjects but I feel like I probably should have an ACTUAL MESSAGE or pass on my actual knowledge from experience (not that there is much of that, let’s be real here). However,

  • Coming Events July 2017

    July 4, 2017: TPS Closed-Happy Fourth July 8, 2017: Strongman Saturday: Conan’s Wheel and Viking Press July 15, 2017: 10:30-11:45 a.m. TPS Round Table Seminar: How to Choose Assistance Work and at Noon Training Day: Bench Press July 29, 2017: Malden’s Strongest Contest at Idle Hands Taproom August 19, 2017: Training Day: Deadlift September 16-18,

  • Strength vs. Technique

    Strength vs. Technique

        Last summer when Boris Sheiko came back to TPS, he told us about his experience meeting Louie Simmons.   Both of these coaches have had massive amounts of success in the sport.  On paper it looks as if they obtained this success in completely different ways.     One quick caveat, Louie does

  • What’s New at TPS June 2017

    OK, I will be quick this month. I’ve been too busy working on the new project we told you about a while back and it is shaping up. We hope to announce the details by July and get you excited about it! For now let’s just say that it will have the quality you expect

  • Your Warmup Sucks

    Your Warmup Sucks

    Written by: Kevin Cann   The topic of warmups has really been chapping my ass of late.  I can’t walk out of my office without seeing someone flop around on or with some specialty mobility device.  Even better, I will come back out of my office 30 minutes later and that same person is still

  • Member Minutes June 2017

    Wow, we’ve got a lot going on! Read about a few of our awesome ladies this month. Anitra Kloczewiak just competed at the Connecticut’s Strongest Man/Woman on April 29th, 2017 at Lightning Fitness. She took first place in the Heavyweight Novice class Here’s a few videos.       Everybody loves Dante My good friend

  • Coming Events June 2017

    June 3, 2017: The Sheiko System Explained: Approved by Boris Sheiko at TPS June 10, 2017: Strongman Saturday: Axle Clean and Press June 17, 2017: Training Day at TPS: Learn the Squat July 29, 2017: Malden’s Strongest Contest at Idle Hands Taproom September 16-18, 2017: The Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) Seminar with Chris Duffin

  • June 2017

    More news about our team of lifters. See what’s going on with Boston’s Strongest Team. Up first this month: Rosty Just quick update. As my monthly update I want to present a short YouTube video on bodyweight exercises that you can do while travelling (I made it while visiting Ukraine). https://youtu.be/00Z5dOQkyPc Also, I had an