• Member Minutes November 2017

    Last month we had a bunch of TPS lifters compete in sunny Florida at the USAPL Raw Nationals! Kevin Cann brought a team of his athletes and we also had many members lift as well. Here is how they did: Jessica Ward: Completed 7 of 9 attempts with a 375 kg/825 lbs. total Best squat:

  • Member Minutes October 2017

    TPS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kevin Cann is taking a crew of lifters to the USAPL Powerlifting Raw Nationals in sunny Orlando Florida this month. He has the following lifters competing: Kerry Sachs 52kg lifting Tuesday morning Nick Santangelo 93kg lifting Friday morning Danielle Bond 84+kg lifting Saturday morning Dave Rocklage 105kg lifting Saturday

  • Member Minutes September 2017

      Lauren Arsenault TPS Front Desk Team member Lauren Arsenault competed in the Titan Barbell Clash of the Titans on August 12th. Here is how she did in her own words: On Saturday August 12th  I competed in the Clash of the Titans in Burlington, MA in the Lightweight Open Class (under 140lbs). It was

  • Member Minutes August 2017

    Danielle Bond just killed it! On July 22nd, former TPS coach, and current Team TPS lifter, Danielle Bond competed in her first USAPL meet. Danielle has competed in three RPS meets, but wanted to test herself against the strongest raw lifters in the country at the USAPL Raw Nationals. To do this, Danielle would need

  • Member Minutes July 2017

      Caroline Lombardi will be kicking someone’s ass.   I got this email from long time TPS member and all around AWESOME person, Caroline Lombardi: Wanted to give you some info on the fight. The event is held by a group called Haymakers for Hope and all of the money raised goes to Dana Farber.

  • Member Minutes June 2017

    Wow, we’ve got a lot going on! Read about a few of our awesome ladies this month. Anitra Kloczewiak just competed at the Connecticut’s Strongest Man/Woman on April 29th, 2017 at Lightning Fitness. She took first place in the Heavyweight Novice class Here’s a few videos.       Everybody loves Dante My good friend

  • Member Minutes May 2017

      Business professional, TPS Method ass-kicker and supreme hockey mom, Alyssa Hills let me know that her daughter Ava and her team just won their state tournament and got an invite to nationals in Detroit. That’s a HUGE deal. Congratulations Ava.     More Alyssa stuff: Different Alyssa though. Alyssa Frey of TeamTPS and the

  • Member Minutes: February 2017

    Javier Escobar just got accepted to be a Tough Mudder Ambassador. This is a pretty big deal in the TM community. Javier trains his ass off, is diligent about his nutrition and spreads the word of fitness all over. Exaclty what we love in a TPS member. See, not everyone is a powerlifter here! Watch

  • Member Minutes January 2017

        A giant congratulations goes out to my good friend, former training partner and TPS member Lauren Cohen. He just set the World Record in the raw squat. Lauren squatted 583 pounds at 165. Read about it here.   Tough Mudder: TPS member Javier Escobar has been kicking ass in Tough Mudder comps and

  • Member Minutes December 2016

    Last Sunday we had a big ‘ole field trip to Rhode Island. Coach Matt, Coach Russ and Coach Candace competed at the SPF meet held at Red Island Crossfit. Russ finished with a PR total, going 750 squat, 580 bench and 660 deadlift Matt hit a PR total as well, going 700 squat, 375 bench