• Four Foolproof Ways To Burn Fat Faster

    Fat loss. We talk about it all the time and it is a very popular subject. If you’re looking to get ripped in record time, taking steps to enhance the total amount of fat burned in a training session is important. Those who do everything they can to enhance their energy expenditure will notice that

  • Exercise Versus Diet For Fat Loss

    If you’re someone who’s looking to shed a few pounds and get down to your goal weight, one thing that you might be questioning is what is more important – getting a good diet in order or performing some intense workout sessions. While there’s no question that a combination of both will yield the best

  • New Year’s Tips

    Goals are always big at this time of year. Many people have resolutions they want to keep, especially regarding fitness and weight loss. Most people do one of the following things setting themselves up for failure instead of success: no plan an unrealistic plan non-compliance with the plan Let’s look at the first two and

  • How to Stay Slim Through the Holidays

    As holidays come around, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or even Valentine’s day when you know there’s a high chance chocolate will be involved in your day, you may start to feel some slight anxiety with regards to how you’ll make it through with your diet intact. Holidays do tend to be difficult because

  • Why you should take creatine

    by Marc “Spud” Bartley Creatine has been around for quite some time and has many, many clinical studies documenting its benefits, which most people agree upon. Most of the customers I work with understand creatine’s strength-enhancing and cell-volumizing capabilities (muscle fullness and size). These are more than well documented. But creatine has other benefits that

  • Carbohydrate Back Loading, an Introduction

    Carbohydrate Back Loading, an Introduction

    I’ve been following a nutritionist for a while by the name of John Kiefer (That is Kiefer in the picture). A while back, he introduced a revolutionary eating plan for strength athletes called Carbohydrate Back Loading. I became more interested in what he was doing while doing research for the nutrition article I wrote for

  • Super food of the month: Olive Oil

    No, not the cartoon character from Popeye–am I showing my age? I mean olive oil the food. Olive oil is a wonder food, not just a super food. It has many health benefits, including: – a wide range of anti-oxidants -loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats -tons of Vitamin E (2 grams per tablespoon) -is an

  • The Cheat Meal

    The cheat meal is a topic of confusion for many. This article is written primarily for the many clients for whom I manage nutrition. They are always asking if it is OK to eat this or that on a cheat meal and are amazed when I say “yes” to the most indulgent things they can

  • Hydration & Dehydration

    Hydration is simply replacing fluids lost through sweating. When you exercise you sweat. As you sweat you lose fluid. You must drink an adequate amount of fluid to keep your body functioning properly, never mind optimally. I’ll discuss how much and what kind a little later in this article. Dehydration is a whole ‘nother thing,

  • Fight the Holiday Weight Gain

    It is common knowledge that the average person gains weight over the holidays. Some studies say it is 7-10 pounds, and some say it is only a pound. Even if it is only a pound, over the course of 20 years you’ll have gained 20 pounds, and I’m sure it wasn’t muscle. Getting rid of