• Understanding Supercompensation

      Every coach in the industry that has read Verkoshansky and Siff’s “Supertraining” will always throw around the word supercompensation. However, I feel like many of these same coaches do not have a good grasp of what that term means. In the sports science world supercompensation simply refers to the period of time after a

  • Should You Accelerate Lighter Weights?

        On June 3rd I gave my presentation on the Sheiko system at TPS. For those of you that do not know me well, I have been coached by Boris for my almost two years in the sport of powerlifting. To say that I have learned a lot is an understatement.     There

  • Strength vs. Technique

    Strength vs. Technique

        Last summer when Boris Sheiko came back to TPS, he told us about his experience meeting Louie Simmons.   Both of these coaches have had massive amounts of success in the sport.  On paper it looks as if they obtained this success in completely different ways.     One quick caveat, Louie does

  • Your Warmup Sucks

    Your Warmup Sucks

    Written by: Kevin Cann   The topic of warmups has really been chapping my ass of late.  I can’t walk out of my office without seeing someone flop around on or with some specialty mobility device.  Even better, I will come back out of my office 30 minutes later and that same person is still

  • Why I Load Dysfunction

    Why I Load Dysfunction

    Written By: Kevin Cann   If you put me in a Delorean, hit 88 MPH, and sent me back in time to a couple of years ago, I would have told you to “Never load dysfunction.”  I was a product of where I worked and who I worked for.  The people I worked with and

  • Trust the Process

    Trust the Process

        Trust the Process. These are three words that I am constantly repeating to my powerlifting athletes.  Getting stronger is about the accumulation of training, and not one single effort in the gym. All too often, athletes want to go off of the program and lift heavier on a given day.  This may be

  • Why Your Lats Are Hurting Your Squat

    Why Your Lats Are Hurting Your Squat

        The lats are awesome, whether they are visible or invisible (albeit for different reasons). Who doesn’t want a set of lats so large that their arms can’t touch their sides? I am not here to tell how awesome the lats are. I am instead going to tell you why your lats are hurting

  • An Often Overlooked Reason to the Knees Caving In On Squats

    by: Kevin Cann Knees caving in on the squats, aka valgus collapse is one of the most common faults we see when coaching the squat. A number of factors can be the culprit such as: poor ankle mobility tight quads weak glutes and poor motor control These are all valid reasons why we might be

  • Brace yourself. To get stronger!

    Below is the first submission by TPS Coach Andrew Simons. Andrew coaches the TPS Method, selected private clients and also teaches MMA/BJJ. We are hoping this is the first in a long series of knowledge bombs he’ll be dropping on you.   Bracing, what is it and why is it so important? Bracing is essentially

  • My First Powerlifting Meet

    RPS/TPS Power Challenge 2015 by: Kevin Cann A couple of weeks ago, on October 17th, I competed in my first ever powerlifting meet. I am 32 years old and have played sports my entire life. Those that do not think powerlifting is a sport, think again. It is a sport that not only challenges you