• Top 5 Max Effort Lifts for Strongman – Upper Body

    By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com This is the second installment in the Top 5 series. This article is on upper body max effort exercises. As with the lower body article, you need to decide whether you do high, low, or timed reps. Here they are in no particular order: Axle or Fat Bar or

  • A Beginners Guide to Strongman

    By CJ Murphy, MFS For www.EliteFTS.com What do you really need to begin strongman training versus what can you do without? I’m sure this subject has been covered before, but I’m chiming in on this one. First, I’ll address those who are budget conscious, too cheap, or have no disposable income to buy new gear,

  • A Common Question

    By CJ Murphy, MFS For www.EliteFTS.com Let me begin by stating that the content of this article is my opinion only. I’m giving you my opinion because I am frequently asked the question. And yes, I do realize that the question can be answered both ways. So what is the question? It is, ‘which has

  • Sports Specific?

    By C.J. Murphy, MFS For www.EliteFTS.com “Sports Specific” is a term that you always hear and seems to be the catch phrase amongst all coaches. If you aren’t sport specific, you are wrong. But what is it? Is it inventing exercises to do that mimic the athlete’s sport? Or is it using ridiculous contraptions that

  • Medleys for Conditioning

    By C.J. Murphy For www.EliteFTS.com I’m known as the Strongman guy around here because I own a Strongman/Powerlifting gym, and Dave and Jim like to make fun of me for it. It makes them feel good to laugh at me. Anyway, strongman training can be adapted to athletic training in many ways. In this article,

  • Training the Deadlift

    By Mike Pelosi For www.EliteFTS.com The deadlift can be scary. It comes last in a meet and is the most stressful event on the various components that make the body a lifting machine. And well, it even has a scary name. On top of all of that, there are now a hundred and one ways

  • Westside and Stone Lifting

    By Bob Jodoin – for Total Performance Sports Blood, sweat, tacky and tears…. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a 365lb stone stuck to your chest while it attempts to tear the biceps from the bone, rip all of the flesh from your forearm and basically crush you into the ground. Stone lifting

  • Westside and the Log Press

    By Bob Jodoin –for Total Performance Sports The Log Press, overhead for a max single, is a very common strongman event. It is also instrumental in building great torso stability, as it requires the support of large loads overhead while standing. The benefit for the shoulders is great as the hand position emphasizes the same

  • Strongman Training Tips and Advice Parts 1 & 2

    by Bob Jodoin MFS and C J Murphy MFS This article will be the first in a two part series on how to train Strong Man events, We hope you enjoy them. Many people that start training for strongman have no idea what they are supposed to do. They just go to training and lift

  • Tire Flipping for GPP

    Tire flipping for GPP by CJ Murphy and Bob Jodoin This article is a brief rundown of how you can use tire flipping for Gpp. Lets go over some tips for actual flipping technique: 1. Don’t dead lift the tire. 2. Go fast. 3. Chase the tire. 4. Achieve triple extension. 5. Use your chest