• Non traditional MMA Training

    Get Out Of The Box – Nontraditional Training For MMA/Combat Sports By CJ Murpy, MFS Total Performance Sports© I can’t tell you how many times I have had the same conversation with athletes and coaches regarding weight training for MMA. It usually goes something like this: Coach: Hey, won’t weight training bulk my fighters up

  • Assistance Training for Strongman and “Functional” Strength

    Assistance Training for Strongman and “Functional” Strength By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com A lot of guys who train for Strongman don’t put much thought into assistance work, if at all. Assistance exercises can help out your attributes and get you through your sticking points in many cases. For the sake of discussion, we’ll call

  • Assistance Training for Strongman – Part 2

    Using the Safety Squat Bar By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com The Safety Squat Bar (SSB) is one of the most versatile tools you have in the gym. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Powerlifter, Athlete, Strongman, or Body Builder (it pains me to write that last word) – EVERY GYM NEEDS A SAFTY SQUAT

  • Torso Training – Part 1

    Torso Training for Athletes, Part 1: The Basics By C.J. Murphy Published: July 29, 2005 What is torso training? Torso training is strengthening your body from just above the hips to just below the chest. Training your torso involves many movements, but can be done effectively in just a few minutes, 3-4 times per week.

  • Torso Training – Part 2

    Torso Training – Part 2: Basic Rotational Exercises By C.J. Murphy Published: August 3, 2005 In this article, the second in our Torso Training series, we will cover rotational exercises that don’t specifically target the rectus ab. Our exercises will focus on the obliques (internal and external) and the quadratus lumborum. Of course there are

  • Torso Training – Part 3

    By C.J. Murphy In the past two articles, we have given you ideas and progressions for strengthening your torso. As you know by now, strong abs isn’t all that is needed. There are many more muscles at work in your mid-section. It doesn’t matter if you are squatting, playing golf, or carrying groceries out to

  • Torso Training – Part 4

    Training Templates Putting It All Together By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com In this final installment of our torso training series, we are going to put things into perspective for you. I’ll list several attaining template using the exercise the exercises we listed in the previous articles. We suggest doing torso training at the end

  • Training with the Log

    By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com The Strongman Log is a versatile piece of equipment that can do more than just be used for an event. Logs can be used for a wide variety of exercises and goals. In this article, we will look at three different exercises you can do with it: (1) Floor

  • Tire Flipping Tips and Techniques

    By C.J. Murphy Aside from the Atlas Stones, the tire flip could be one of the most recognizable strongman events in the sport. However, it is probably the one event most incorrectly performed by athletes and most improperly used by strength coaches. Let’s start by looking at the event itself. The tire flip is a

  • Top 5 Max Effort Lifts for Strongman – Lower Body

    By CJ Murphy, MFS for EliteFTS.com This is the first in a 2 part series on our favorite max effort exercises for Strongman ( notice the Americanized spelling of “favorite”, not the pansy Euro-Trash “Favourite” spelling). This article will focus on those lifts for the lower body while the next one will focus on the