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Want to be more Awesome? 

TPS Awesome Camp is for you!


About TPS Awesome Camp

  • TPS Awesome Camp meets twice a week in two groups.
  • Tuesday and Thursday at  7:30 p.m./guys only.
  • Monday and Wednesday at 8:000 p.m./coed
  • It will pack pounds of lean muscle on you fast.
  • You will lose body fat, gain slabs of muscle and get strong and fast.
    Are you tired of dying to get jacked and not making any progress?
  • Do you want a huge bench and squat?
    Are you tired of training by yourself with no direction?
  • Are you unable to lift heavy because you don’t have any spotters or just don’t know how to do it?

We can fix all that.


What’s Included?

TPS Awesome Camp will have you training like an athlete in a group environment with a bunch of guys who have the same goals.

You will also have a coach who knows what it takes to get more AWESOME.

This camp was created by TPS’s former Director of Strength and Conditioning, Steve DiLello who was a lot less awesome a few years back before he started this!

Steve found the Holy Grail to getting strong, jacked, fast and ripped through years of his own trial and error as well as learning how to coach athletes from the best in the business.

Steve trained with the best powerlifters and strength coaches in the industry and he has taken that knowledge and applied it to his own training and now, yours. Since his departure from TPS, we kept Awesome Camp on the schedule and it was taken over by Russ Smith, who not only has an awesome moustache, but has increased his awesomeness a lot over the years that he has been training here!

OK, enough nonsense.

In Awesome Camp you will:

  • Learn the lifts that guarantee strength and growth

  • Drastically transform your physique

  • Pack on muscle and get shredded.

  • Train in an environment with those who have similar goals. Get BIG get STRONG get in SHAPE.

Camps are run in eight week blocks and meet twice weekly.

Other TPS Awesome Camp Info

Pricing includes your gym membership. No additional fees to join!

Are you ready to get more AWESOME?

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Let’s review…

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  • Get strong
  • Add muscle
  • Be awesome
  • Get jacked

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*** TPS Awesome Camp is NOT suggested for senior citizens.