About Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a great place to start for members looking to get started with the TPS Method of training—and it only takes 30 minutes!

Offered on Fridays at 6:00 pm and FREE with Basic Membership.

Fitness and strength can’t be separated

Don’t worry, you won’t get “too bulky” or “too big” in one 30-minute class each week. Instead you will learn to harness the power of strength training to meet YOUR fitness goals.

Lean muscle tissue burns more calories, even at rest, making you a fat-burning furnace. Strong muscles support your joints, helping you avoid injury in whatever else you choose to do.

Combined with a plan for a few more workouts each week and good eating habits, you’ll start to see your waist get trimmer and the appearance of your physique overall will improve.

We could go on, the research is out there—strength training just works!

For those who are interested in the strength sports but just starting out, Back to Basics is also a great way to start to learn to train effectively and safely.

What to expect in class

In Back to Basics we teach strict technique, focusing primarily on the following movements:

  • Proper dynamic warm-up, which you can and should use before every workout!
  • TRX or Dumbbell Row. Build a strong back while learning to row with rock-solid technique.
  • Squat or Deadlift. Great for overall strength and while building strong legs, back and torso–not to mention a nice-looking caboose!
  • Dumbbell Floor Press. Strong lats, pecs & triceps are created with this movement.
  • Step-Up. Single leg work is a important component of any strength program. The Step-Up will strengthen your entire body while targeting your posterior chain.
  • Torso/Abs. Strength starts at the torso. Every class will include an exercise that will target this area.

We’ll also mix it up to keep it interesting, but these are the core movements for the class.

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Back to Basics classes are free with all TPS memberships.
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