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About Kettlebells

Exercising with a bowling-ball-shaped weight with a handle may seem a bit unusual at first, but kettlebell training is one of the best ways to get a lean, sexy and well defined physique, FAST! At Total Performance Sports, we’ve been training clients with kettlebells for over 10 years with amazing results.

Believe it or not, these hand held gyms do it all. Their simple and functional design allows you to perform explosive movements while developing tremendous strength and endurance. You’ll challenge all the muscles in your body from grip to glutes, slash fat quickly, build muscular strength and endurance, increase flexibility, and boost your energy.

So why is kettlebell training just now becoming one of the most sought-after training methods in the country? Because ’bells produce outstanding results in less time. In order to lose body fat you must increase your level of perceived exertion. In other words, you must work out really hard and break a sweat! But who wants to spend all day in the gym? That’s where kettlebell training comes in. Because they are designed to work all your muscles, including your cardiovascular system, kettlebells provide the ultimate full body, calorie smashing workout in as little as 30 minutes. Clients are able to transform their physiques and break through training plateaus in record time.

If you’re looking for a workout that incorporates strength training, muscle conditioning, and aerobic endurance all in one, take a TPS kettlebell class. Grab your ‘bell and go!

About Boston’s Best Kettlebell Class

The TPS Kettlebell class consists of a full body warm-up, and progresses into teaching the foundation kettlebell lifts (swing, squat pull, clean, snatch, deadlift, press and the Turkish Get Up). Proficiency in these foundation lifts will ensure your success in losing body fat, increasing your strength, correcting strength imbalances and overall general fitness. Classes also include a conditioning segment guaranteed to get your heart rate up and melt body fat while building a solid foundation in form and technique.

Advanced Kettlebell Class

Our advanced kettlebell class is another of our 30 minute express classes. Unquestionably the best Boston kettlebell class for advanced trainees, It builds on the foundation laid in the regular Kettlebell classes. You must have instructor approval to attend this.

We will use single and double kettlebells in a wider variety of exercises along with bodyweight exercises to get you lean, strong and in shape.

For days and times, see our complete class schedule .

1-on-1 Kettlebell Training

You can also work with a qualified coach on Kettlebells in a one-on-one setting. See 1-on-1 Personal Training for more details or call TPS at 617-387-5998 for rates and packages.

Personal training is offered to current TPS members, but those considering the gym are welcome to arrange a consultation with a coach any time.

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