Total Strength and Conditioning

with Chuck

TPS has a new option for those looking for Boston’s Best Personal Training!

We have found that you get better results with Group Exercise programs than with the old school 1-on-1 Personal Training.
We also know that many of you are short on time.
So, with that in mind:

Do you want to:

-Get Stronger
-Get Faster
-Be more explosive
-Get in unbelievable shape
-Lose body fat
-Gain muscle
-Be able to tackle any physical demand that life throws at you

Then, Total Strength and Conditioning is for you.
This class meets twice weekly and is designed to work optimally by attending our Kettlebell classes (included with your membership) on two other days.
Many of you want to train and want a coach, but just don’t have time to make it to the gym three or four days a week.
Total Strength and Conditioning is perfect for you.
We have designed a program that delivers results with only two days of attendance and proper nutrition. It will work even better if you train more frequently.

This program is based on:

-Clean and Jerk Variations
-Push Presses
-Using your body weight (pushups etc.)
-High Intensity Upper and Lower Body circuits and more.

Are you ready for a time efficient, yet 100% effective program to get you in shape FAST that is AFFORDABLE?
If you said Total Strength and Conditioning is for you

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