TPS Athlete Nick Cambi just competed at the World’s Strongest Man Under 105Kg and he kicked ass.

    Events were:

    Last man standing Log 365 & 385
    Yoke 900 pounds

    Car Deadlift

    Frame 700 Husafeld stone 350 pounds & Sandbag 265 pounds

    Truck Pull

    nick cambi, worlds strongest man

    Stone Series
    275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400

    Nicky took Second Place this year!

    I always said that Cambi was destined for Great things in the strength sports and he proved it this year.
    Nick has always been a strong and gifted athlete, and his hard work has shown here.

    He competed against the best in the World and took second, I predict he will win next year!


    Congratulations Nick, we are all proud of you.

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