More news about our team of lifters.

    See what’s going on with Boston’s Strongest Team.

    Up first this month: Rosty

    Just quick update. As my monthly update I want to present a short YouTube video on bodyweight exercises that you can do while travelling (I made it while visiting Ukraine).


    Also, I had an eye exam, and they found retina tears in my right eye. So, I will need to fix that before I can start doing heavy lifting again. FYI

    Let’s hope Rosty heals quick!


    Victor Biryukov is next:

    First news, I changed my mind, I will not be competing at the Boss of the Bosses 4 instead I will be competing at the Anaheim Fit Expo in California on August 26-27th.

    I already registered and I will compete in the weight class of 242, Classic Raw powerlifting.

    My goal for the next 3 months is to gain 20 pounds of lean and strong muscles.

     Starting June 1st, I will start my preparation with heavy weights.

    Right now, I train with light weight and a lot of volume for endurance.





    More news:

    Lodrina and Sophia Vieras just competed at the USAPL Open Nationals in Orlando.

    They kicked ASS!

    Here is how they did:

    Lodrina Cherne

    • Squat 407
    • Bench 236
    • Deadlift 386
    • 48 pound total increase over last year and third place at Nationals!


    Sophia Veiras

    • Squat 397
    • Bench 242
    • Deadlift 413
    • 38 pound total increase from last year and second place at Nationals!

    I am about as proud as one can be for these two.


    Both contributed points to the Massachusetts based #1 combined men’s and women’s team and #2 women’s team with help of team captains Joe Cappellino (who did the TPS strongman show last year) and Eric Kupperstein.


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