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    Member Minutes: February 2016, Arnold Classic, Powerlifting ,Strongman

    TPS has a bunch of lifters competing at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival in Powerlifting and Strongman.

    The Arnold Classic is a weekend long festival that takes place in Columbus Ohio every year and is one of the most prestigious events in the world. They have everything in the fitness field there. There are strength contests ranging from Weightlifting to Grip to Strongman and everything in between!
    Athletes must qualify or be invited to many of these events.
    I know that Brittany Diamond will be doing the Strongman, Zach DiCostanzo is powerlifting and everyone’s darling, Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile is also powerlifting at the XPC Finals.

    We expect big things from all of our lifters and will give you full details on their performance after the event.
    Wish them luck.

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