The TPS Method for Powerlifting team competed at the RPS 2017 Winters Wrath on December 2nd & 3rd.

    We had some outstanding performance and progress from our lifters at this meet.

    tps method for powerlifting

    Here’s the rundown:

    Olivia Kotsopoulos went 9 for 9.
    Squat 150
    Bench 115
    Deadlift 245
    Total 510lbs
    And a 55 pound Meet PR!

    Emma Foos won Best Lifter at this meet.

    That is a HUGE deal!
    She also went 9 for 9.
    Squat 220
    Bench 145
    Deadlift 315
    Total 680
    And a 45 pound Meet PR too!

    Rose Solomon incurred an injury during the training cycle and lifted as Bench only instead of dropping out.

    Rose hit a 110-pound Bench Press for a 5 pound PR.

    Nicole D’Alessandro went 9 for 9 as well, seeing a thread here?
    Squat 260
    Bench 160
    Deadlift 330
    Total 750
    And an 85 pound Meet PR!

    Erin Erhart competed in her first meet with her new TEAM and went 9 for 9 too.
    Squat 225
    Bench 125
    Deadlift 315
    Total 665

    TPS Method Coach, Cody Nadeau had a great day. He looked like hos last deadlift was about 50 pounds too light.
    Squat 350
    Bench 260
    Deadlift 500
    Total 1110

    Cheryl Campo hit all PR’s too.
    Squat 240
    Bench 150
    Deadlift 350
    Total 780

    We are very proud of our TEAM and hope well they performed. They are getting ready for their next meet in New Hampshire in April where I am sure we will see more PR’s!
    A big thanks to Coaches Russ Smith, Candace Puopolo and Matt Buckingham for all of their consistent hard work and preparation, as well as their help the day of the meet.

    Precision Powerlifting:

    Kevin’s crew had some stellar performances at their last meet.
    Here’s how they did:

    Danielle Nguyen:
    5 for 9
    265 squat
    143 bench press
    250 deadlift
    She took second place in the 63 kg. division in her first USAPL meet. Danielle had a bit of a weight cutting issue coming into it, but hit a massive 23 pound squat PR.

    7 for 9 in her first meet.
    270 squat
    126 bench press
    and 287 deadlift

    Grace Chang:
    Grace went 9 for 9 in her first USAPL meet. She hit a:
    204 squat
    95 bench press
    187 deadlift
    And, she won the 52 kg. division.

    Kerry Sachs is gearing up for the Arnold Classic in March. Kerry hit a 280 squat for a 10 pound PR in training as well as 130 on the bench press, a 5 pound PR, for a double. Time for training to ramp up a bit after Christmas.

    We got a few athletes training for their first meet at the beginning of April as well as a big group at the end of the month which hopefully sees a few more lifters join the national squad.

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