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    Ponytail Steve Update:

    Everyone knows about the Ponytail Steve bet right?
    Well, in case you forgot, Ponytail Steve (PTS from now on) has been training here for a while with his beautiful wife Julie (he’s not so beautiful) and they are both very consistent.
    Steve works hard and has been on again, off again with his nutrition.

    This is probably the most common setback that most people face when training and trying to get lean and look/feel their best.
    Anyway, Steve came in for a nutrition consult for the 5000th time and said he wanted to get to 250 by June 15th.
    250 you say?

    Well Steve is a pretty tall guy and has a big frame so 250 is a good number.

    Many people would think that’s easy and too much weight, but he would probably look like he had an eating disorder if he were much lighter due to his frame and the amount of lean muscle he has. He’s also 48, and that creates another challenge.
    Us old guys are set in our ways, have been doing things the same way for a long time and it is also harder to lose bodyfat as we age due to the natural decline in testosterone. Personally, I like a challenge and would not shy away from this.
    However, getting paid for the service is not what we are about. I told Steve I was not going to waste my time managing his journey if he was not going to reach his destination.
    At TPS, we are more concerned with results. We don’t just want to get paid.

    We want to you succeed.
    I told Steve this and knew there had to be a penalty if he did not reach his goal, I had to keep him accountable.
    I decided to throw the gloves on the ice and make a bet.
    If he lost it he had to cut his ponytail off. I am pretty sure he values the ponytail more than anything except Julie.

    Probably more than his two Harley’s and his 1980’s Roadhouse Mercedes.
    He accepted the challenge.
    We then embarked on a plan to add as much muscle as we could for a time so that when we entered the cutting phase there would be more to preserve.

    When you go into a weight loss/cutting phase, the body wants to give up muscle first, and if this happened, we would not see the result we wanted.
    You see this was not just about losing weight. We wanted him to be lean and muscular as well.
    Steve began the process at January 28th at 290 pounds and 27% bodyfat. This translated to 211 pounds of lean body mass (muscle) and 79 pounds of bodyfat.
    We had about 6 months to lose 40 pounds and preserve as much muscle as possible.
    Steve and I had bi-weekly check ins to make sure he was on the right track and we adjusted his plan accordingly.
    I had my doubts but I really wanted him to succeed, however, I kind of wanted to see the ponytail go and I am pretty sure Julie did too.
    Without giving you all of the details on what we did, I’ll say that Steve upped his training and worked his ass off.
    Yesterday, May 25th we did a weigh in.

    Steve hit 247 pounds.

    We did not do a body comp test, as that is scheduled for next week. He was just a little antsy as he was 100% positive he reached the goal and wanted to find out.
    I’ll say that on the last body comp test, we were at 253 pounds, 17% bodyfat and 210.5 pounds of muscle and only 42.5 pounds of fat.
    That’s a whopping loss of 43 pounds total and at the last check up 36.5 pounds of fat lost. I am sure we will see a greater total amount of fat gone next week when we do his check up and enter Phase 2 of the plan.
    The really amazing thing here is that at 48 years old, Steve lost 43 pounds of fat and only lost a half pound of lean body mass.

    That is incredible!
    I cannot be more proud of Ponytail Steve.
    I can’t wait to see what happens in Phase 2 of the plan!

    WABDL JAne and Sue 2016

    Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile and Sue Priver, both of our 531 Training group just did the WABDL Powerlifting Nationals in Portland, Maine on May 14.

    They also kicked ass.
    Both were competing deadlift-only. Since WABDL doesn’t have a raw class their lifts were considered single ply, even though they lifted raw.
    Sue made all three of her lifts, earning second place in her class and meeting her goal of qualifying for WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas in November.
    Granny made her three attempts (the second and third of which were single-ply world records-PERFORMED RAW!), and broke the record again with her fourth attempt of 330 pounds.

    Jane took first place in her class, and also got a cool sword for being Best Lifter in her age group.
    Here’s a video of the raw 330.

    4th attempt, 330. All attempts after the first were WRs, but no PR

    A video posted by Jane Stabile (@worldsstrongestgranny) on

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