• kevin kerry sachs usapl regionals
    Last month we had a bunch of TPS lifters compete in sunny Florida at the USAPL Raw Nationals!

    Kevin Cann brought a team of his athletes and we also had many members lift as well.

    Here is how they did:

    Jessica Ward:
    Completed 7 of 9 attempts with a 375 kg/825 lbs. total
    Best squat: 140kg/308 lbs.
    Best bench: 75kg/165 lbs.
    Best deadlift: 160kg/352 lbs.
    34th place in 63kg class; 405 Wilks score


    Shannon Chipman:

    shannon chipman raw nationals squat

    shannon chipman raw nationals bench

    shannon chipman usapl nationals 2017 dl
    Women’s 63kg for Juniors and Open divisions.
    Placed 11th in Juniors and 42nd in Open.
    She now holds the Massachusetts Raw State Record for 63kg Junior women in deadlift (157.5kg // 346.5 lbs.) and total (365 kg // 803 lbs.)
    Best lifts from the meet:
    Squat – 137.5 kg/302.5 lbs.
    Bench- 70 kg/154 lbs.
    Deadlift – 157.5 kg/346.5 lbs.


    Nick Santangelo 93 kg division

    nick santangelo usapl raw nationals 2017
    265kg Squat
    170 kg Bench Press
    255 kg. Deadlift
    29th overall


    Dave Rocklage 105 kg division

    Kerry S 2017 USAPL NAtionals

    280 kg Squat
    140 kg Bench Press
    292.5 kg Deadlift
    37th overall


    Danielle Bond 84+ kg division

    150 kg Squat
    85 kg Bench Press
    177.5 kg Deadlift
    25th overall


    Kerry Sachs 52 kg division

    Kerry S 2017 USAPL NAtionals

    122.5 kg Squat
    55 kg Bench Press
    155 kg Deadlift

    14th overall and she qualified for the Arnold Classic!


    Kyle Power 105kg


    Kyle Power 2017 usapl raw nationals

    Kyle and Nick

    32nd place
    568 Squat
    386 Bench Press
    633 Deadlift
    720kg total


    Nikko Ferrara 120kg division
    22nd place
    584 Squat
    325 Bench Press
    678 Deadlift
    720kg total

    Read Kevin’s review of the meet here.


    More news:


    TeamTPS will be lifting at the RPS Winter’s Wrath in New Hampshire on December 2nd.

    We will have the following lifters competing:

    Rose Solomon
    Nicole D’Alessandro
    Emma Chung
    Cheryl Campos
    Cody Nadeau
    Olivia Kostopoulous
    Amira Lauer
    Monika Horava

    and a surprise lifter too.

    We will have a full report for you after the meet.

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