• Danielle Bond and kevin cann USAPL 7 2017

    TPS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kevin Cann is taking a crew of lifters to the USAPL Powerlifting Raw Nationals in sunny Orlando Florida this month.
    He has the following lifters competing:

    Kerry Sachs 52kg lifting Tuesday morning
    Nick Santangelo 93kg lifting Friday morning
    Danielle Bond 84+kg lifting Saturday morning
    Dave Rocklage 105kg lifting Saturday afternoon

    That’s a full schedule!
    I’ll give you full results next month. We are expecting some pretty big lifts from this crew.


    We all know Melissa Siren is an Obstacle Race Beast right?
    Well, she is off to the OCR World Championships in Canada this month to compete against the best in the world!
    She is gonna kick some ass.

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