TPS Method for Athletes,  Athletic Development, Boston's Best Youth Strength and Conditioning

TPS is proud to offer the most complete elite athletic developmental program available.

The Total Performance Method for Athletes-Elite Athletic Development will give your child an almost unfair advantage on the field.


It is Boston’s Best Youth Strength and Conditioning

Your child will become:

  • Stronger

  • Faster

  • More agile

  • More resistant to injury

  • And most importantly, will learn to have a Champion’s mind set.

TPS Method for Athletes-TRX

Our program is unique in that it is designed to fully prepare them for ultimate performance at each age/ability level and to fully prepare them for what is expected at the high school and college level.
We have identified that a developmental strength and conditioning program is needed, not just the industry standard Speed-Agility- Quickness (SAQ) program.

In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed that high school athletes were unprepared entering the collegiate level.

Many programs are developed without understanding the needs of an adolescent athlete. High school is the most influential time in developing a solid movement and strength foundation in order to maximize athletic performance and increase resiliency to injury.

For the Middle school age, this is even more important.

We need to build a foundation of strength.
The needs of a freshman differs from the needs of a senior.
All too often cookie cutter programs are given out to the athletic programs without understanding these important developmental needs.


The TPS Method for Athletes is designed to meet the developmental needs of the athlete during Middle school and over the four year period of high school so that each athlete can maximize their contribution to the varsity program over those four years and be ready to compete at the next level.

Early stages focus on building necessary movement skills and basic strength to create a large foundation to then build maximum athletic performance on top of.
The larger the foundation the bigger the house.

Once the athlete masters these skills and develops a solid strength foundation we can start incorporating more advanced skills and movements.

As Dr. Fred Hatfield says, “In all the world of sport, speed is king.”

A stronger athlete is always a faster athlete.

TPS Method for Athletes groups:

  • Junior Group-10-12 years old
  • Premiere Group-13-15 years old
  • Elite group-16 +

Junior and Premiere groups train twice a week.
The Elite group meets three times a week.

Depending on where they are in the program, your child may have training sessions to do on their own as well, we never do this until they are competent.

TPS Method for Athletes is for boys and girls.

   TPS Method for Athletes,  Athletic Development, Boston's Best Youth Strength and Conditioning

We will teach your child to have a passion for fitness and performance as well as a champion mindset.

All sessions will include:

  • Proper warm up

  • Flexibility

  • Agility

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Proper mindset

  • Conditioning (cardiovascular) specific to your sport

  • Proper cool down

Our introductory schedule will begin in June and be as follows:

Junior Group: 4:15-5:30 p.m.
Premiere Group: 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Elite Group: 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Groups run in 8 week programming blocks and classes are approximately 90 minutes.

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8 weeks paid in full

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In the words of Dr. Fred Hatfield:
NOT commitment to excellence…
Rather, utter disdain for anything less!
NOT endless hours of practice…
Instead, PERFECT practice!
NOT ability to cope…
Rather, total domination of EVERY situation in life!
NOT setting goals…
Goals too often prescribe performance limits!
NOT doing what it takes to win…
Instead, a burning commitment to do what no one has ever done — or will ever do again!!
NOT need to achieve…
Instead, doing what it takes to EXCEED the bounds of mere convention
NOT force of skill or muscle…
Rather, it’s the irrepressible, sometimes explosive, force of WILL!
If you believe in and practice these things, then for you, winning is neither everything nor the only thing as the great Vince Lombardi once said. If you believe in and practice these things, then, for you, winning has become a FOREGONE CONCLUSION!”

Let us give your child the passion to be their best.