Nick Cambi is en fuego:

    From Nick Cambi: Pro Strongman

    Nick Cambi Pro Strongman 4 2017

    Vegas round two in three weeks
    NAS Nationals at Amateur Heavyweight
    Chasing Procard #2!
    World Strongest Man 105kg in December as well
    Stay Tuned!

    From Victor Biryukov: Powerlifting

    Victor Biryukov
    I know you usually want an update regards lifting some crazy weights or crazy exercises unfortunately I didn’t do that this month just like the last. But I still train hard with a lot of volume and repetitions just without heavy weights.

    As you know I have some back problems and it’s gotten worse lately. My back problems are now affecting my leg, which has gotten weaker. I’ve been seeing a sports medical doctor who works with athletes and she’s done some testing. The tests show that my leg is working only at 30-40% because a nerve is pinching my spine.
    The good news is that I got an official invitation to the US Open next May.
    I know that I have less and less time to prepare but even with my leg that’s working only 30-40% and lower back pain I was able to do 500+ lb. deadlifts for few reps few weeks ago. Hopefully I’m going to fix these problems soon and I can start training hard.
    I didn’t have the chance to train at TPS often but I look forward to being there more once I fix my back and leg problems.

    Thank you,
    Victor Biryukov

    From Rosty: Powerlifting

    Rostyslav Kharchenko, teamtps, powerlifting
    Greetings, true believers!
    My training going smooth so far – no missed lifts or missed sessions.
    Certain volume goals have been reached – squat 405 for 10 and bench press 355 for 8.

    Rostyslav Kharchenko, teamtps, powerlifting
    And slowly I am switching to more strength based training style – instead of having sets of 10 and 8, going down to 5’s and 4’s.
    This marks the end of high volume training which lasted for 5 months.
    Looking forward to a new training season which should bring new volume pr’s and improvements of the technique due to lower reps schemes.


    From Mickey Belaineh: Powerlifting

    I’ve been dealing with a lot in the personal life, my girlfriend had a big medical scare that has been occupying most of my non-working time.
    However, I am still training, and things are going pretty well right now.
    No planned out meets on the horizon as I feel that I still have some healing to do from the years of not adequately addressing some movement and mobility issues. However, things are definitely looking up.
    All my lifts have been bouncing back.
    I had a “heavy” training cycle these past few weeks where I was able to do some singles and triples. Hit 335x 1 on Squat at an 8 RPE. 185×1 at 8 on bench, and 415×1 at 8 RPE on Deadlift.
    Pretty far off from where I’d like to be, but I need to check that ego at the door. It’s still hard to accept I’m not as strong as I was prior to being injured, but I 100% plan to use this as a learning experience to come back stronger and more jacked (and wiser) than before.

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