Nick Cambi of TeamTPS just finished 5th overall at America’s Strongest Man in Vegas.

    I am waiting for an update from him.

    Congratulations Nick.


    Rosty Kharchenko


    My training going as planned.

    Still going high volume- sets of eight and ten across all big three.

    It brings its fruit-bodyweight and muscle mass growing slowly, but steadily.

    Focus on getting enough nutrients and sleep is highest priority right now.

    Most of teammates are prepping for RPS power challenge.

    And I will be there as well – wrapping, loading, spotting and more-so team TPS can perform on the highest level.

    From Lodrina Cherne:

    This month’s training highlight was attending the KMS seminar with the Kabuki coaching staff at TPS. It was a great capstone to things I’ve already been working on with Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), for example optimal breathing as the base of how the body works. The seminar focused on breathing, preparatory work with the feet, hips, and shoulders, and sequencing how to setup for lifting.


    The most valuable part was the hands-on feedback for the big 3 movements (squat, bench, and deadlift). My raw squat has been loose in the hole recently, something that was apparent to the KMS coaches with just 95 pounds on the bar. If I can improve my squat technique using 95 pounds, less than 25% of my competition squat, the results a few months from now could be pretty exciting.


    To describe my squat fix in a sentence or two wouldn’t really do the KMS system justice, one small component was moving my hands wider on the bar. This is something I’ve attempted to do recently and felt very unstable/uncomfortable. It was only with the breath work and other preparatory movements that I was able to move my hands out wider and ultimately feel stable and rooted in the squat.


    Bench and deadlift technique advice for my lifting style was very minor, yet also very apparent when I watch my training videos before vs after KMS. It was like getting my “one weird trick” to optimize the way I lift. I’ll continue to try out some of the technique adjustments in my warmup sets and light days.


    The other thing with technique changes is making sure to keep my coach in the loop about different things I am trying out. We had previously discussed staying tighter in the bottom of my squat and KMS is a tool that has given me one very well thought out framework to approach that goal.





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