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Online Coaching – Get the Best Personal Training from Anywhere!

Can’t get to TPS, or just can’t get to TPS enough?

Want a lower-cost option for one-on-one personal training?

Want access to some of the BEST coaches in the Boston area and to TPS’s signature combination of time-honored and innovative techniques?

You have found your solution: Online Coaching with Russ Smith and TeamTPS.

What is Online Coaching or Online Personal Training?

Online coaching puts you in constant communication with a professional coach, who will design your training program, help you learn correct and safe technique, and monitor your progress.
You’ll learn from the passionate TPS experts here in the Boston area who routinely help even accomplished athletes shatter their own records.

Online coaching is great for anyone, anywhere, who is:

  • looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or both
  • do not live near TPS yet want personal training from our coaches
  • bored with or not getting results from your current training program
  • ready for the next level of fitness
  • dubious of expensive fitness trends that certify their coaches in a weekend and don’t care about scientific credibility, safety, or your individual needs and goals
  • interested in or already competing in Powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic Weightlifting

How Online Coaching Works

Send us some basic information.

We’ll respond within 72 hours to start to determine what’s right for you and schedule a consultation by phone or video (via Skype).

You’ll then fill out a few simple forms and take videos of your squat, bench press, and deadlift and email them to your coach to review before your consultation.

The consultation will take as long as it needs to, but usually runs roughly one hour.

Your coach will give you a detailed analysis of your lifts and body mechanics, then discuss your situation, including your goals, schedule, and the equipment you have access to, to make sure Online Coaching is right for you.

He’ll make sure has all he needs to set you up with the best training program to get you results.

Your coach will then provide you with fully customized workouts in 12-week blocks. You’ll do the training and provide us with videos of the main lifts and your training logs each week.

Coaches will be available DAILY to answer your questions and discuss your training, giving you as much individual attention as you need and tweaking your program according to your progress. You’ll have access to TPS’s extensive library of training videos*, as well.

*coming soon

Cost & Signup

Online coaching is only $50.00 per week.
This is an incredible bargain for some of the best coaching you can get at fraction of the price of in-person sessions.**

All you need to do now is fill out our Get Started Form.

If you have any questions about Online Coaching, feel free to  call TPS at (781) 912-2025 and ask to speak to a coach.