Equipment Philosophy & Highlights

We have many specialized pieces, that other facilities’ budgets simply won’t allow for, that clients and athletes require for proper strength development. Because TPS is an athletic gym and not a commercial fitness facility, the priority is our customers’ needs and not aesthetics or budget, ensuring that everyone who trains at TPS gets the best equipment possible.

And if you’re into lifting some serious weight, Total Performance Sports is a heavy-lifter’s heaven.

We have all the necessary Strongman, Powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting equipment you need to train for speed and explosive strength.

Olympic lifters, Powerlifters and Strongmen require a certain training environment that is very different than the average gym and equipment that allows them to perform heavy lifts in a safe environment and we have enough plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, and chalk to keep every lifter happy.

Check out some of the training tools that set us apart from the competition:

  • 7 Lifting Platforms. These are not only appropriate lifting surfaces, but also ‘safety zones’ where only one athlete at a time is allowed to lift. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Just added! EliteFTS USAPL Combo Rack

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  • Glute/Ham Benches.

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    Every gym should have one of these, but almost none do. We have four! Many exercises can be performed on these benches, but the Glute/Hamstring Raise (GHR) is one of the single most important exercises in any athlete’s program. The GHR works the glutes/hamstrings/lower back/calves (a.k.a. Posterior Chain) as a single, ‘functional’ muscle unit just as it is engaged in running, skating, jumping, etc. This is a primary tool that we use to reduce the risk of knee injury as well. We also have an Orlando Barbell Floor GHR.

  • Unusual, Odd Objects. Unusual objects such as sandbags, heavy medicine balls, kettlebells, kegs, etc, add a new dynamic to training. They require a tremendous number of stabilization muscles to be used when lifting, and unlike machines they build a tremendous amount of transferable strength. And they’re fun to use.
  • EliteFTS Equipment. With racks, benches, bars, and more, this is simply the best designed training equipment, bar none. We have as much as we can fit in the gym.
  • Strongman Equipment. Strongman style training greatly increases strength, explosiveness, endurance, and guts. We are experts in this field and we have a huge variety of training tools including: tires for flipping, Atlas stones, farmer’s walk handles, logs, sledgehammers, Circus Dumbells, Super Yokes and more. We also have a full Strongman training area indoors.
  • Prowlers & Sleds.  Much has been written on the effectiveness of dragging and pushing sleds – and it’s all true! We have several different types of sleds, including the “Prowler.” Come down and see this for yourself.
    Full gym of traditional barbells, dumbbells and other unique, hand selected equipment.

Full Equipment list

Tons of EliteFTS Equipment:

  • 2  EliteFTS Monolift
  • EliteFTS Belt Squat
  • EliteFTS Pro 3×3 Rack
  • EliteFTS Collegiate Rack
  • EliteFTS Pro 45° Back Raise
  • EliteFTS Chest Supported Row
  • EliteFTS Pro Bench Rack B3
  • Boards
  •  EliteFTS Rackable Cambered Bar
  • EliteFTS Blast Straps
  • EliteFTS Glute/Ham
  • EliteFTS Squat Bar
  • EliteFTS Prowlers
  • 2-Jumpstrech Deadlift Platforms
  • EliteFTS Box Squat Boxes
  • EliteFTS Deadlift Bars
  • EliteFTS Sabretooth Bench Bar
  • Duffalo Bar

Sports Strength:

  • Twinstack 600lb. Pulldown
  • Glute/Ham Bench
  • Power Rack-this was Dr. Fred Hatfield’s personal rack from his house. It’s a piece of history.
  • Back Raise Harness


  • Logs up to 12″
  • Aluma-Tech Sleds
  • Aluma-Tech Farmers Walk Handles
  • Aluma-Tech Yoke
  • Kegs
  • IronMind Draft Horse Pulling Harnesses
  • Big Heavy Tires
  • Huge Set of Atlas Stones
  • Indoor Stone Platform
  • Custom-made Husafeld Stones up to 350lbs.
  • Giant Oxygen Tank Farmers Walk Handles
  • 2 Sets of Axles with Tires
  • 500lb. Anchor Chain
  • 2″ Farmers Walk Handles
  • Conan’s Wheel/Viking Press/Car Deadlift
  • Beastmetals Husafeld Stone
  • Beastmetals Yoke
  • Beastmetals Circus Dumbells


  • 6 Safety Squat Bars
  • Buffalo& Duffalo Bars
  • Trap Bars
  • 3″ Thick Barbell
  • Apollon’s’ Axles
  • Cambered Bars
  • Monster Bar
  • EliteFTS Sabretooth Bench Bar
  • EliteFTS Squat Bar
  • EliteFTS Deadlift Bars
  • Bandbell Bars and Dumbells




  • Iron Mind Grippers t-4
  • Sorinex G-REX
  • Blobs
  • Titans Telegraph Key
  • Iron Mind Eagle Loops
  • Iron Mind Claw Curls
  • Iron Mind Rolling Thunder Handles
  • Iron Mind R-Ring Handle
  • Iron Mind Little Big Horn
  • Iron Mind Wicked Wrist Roller
  • Iron Mind Heavy Hammer II Leverage Bar
  • Iron Mind Hub Style Pinch Grippers
  • Iron Mind Block Buster Pinch Grip Block
  • Tons of Pinch Blocks

Other really cool stuff:

  • Medicine Balls
  • Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers
  • Eleiko, Pendlay, Rogue & Again Faster Barbells
  • Tons of Bumper Plates
  • Torque Athletic Hammers
  • Sledgehammers
  • Spud Inc. Harnesses & Straps
  • Kettlebells up to 115lbs.
  • Dumbbells up to 130lbs.
  • Thomas Inch Dumbbell
  • Val-Slides and Slideboard
  • Plenty of Chains
  • Sandbags
  • Agility Ladders & Plyo Boxes
  • Circus Dumbbells
  • Tyler T-Grips&Grip4orce
  • Swiss Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Schwinn Airdyne
  • Chalk, Chalk, and more Chalk…

We also have a few pieces of cardio in case you can’t get outdoors to run or sprint.

We have treadmills • ellipticals • upright bikes •  step mill

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