We make it easy for you to join the best gym in the Boston area online!


TPS offers you two choices for gym membership, Basic and Advanced.

We also offer Day Passes and Punch Cards for those who don’t want to make a commitment, or are in from out of town. (SCROLL TO BOTTOM)
A full description of each is below.

What’s Included in Your Basic Membership

10,000 square feet of the best equipment and environment anywhere, PLUS access to a highly skilled and experienced team of professional coaches.

Here’s what comes free with your Basic membership.

All TPS members get:

  • FREE TPS Jumpstart CD valued at $399.00. Contains videos, workout plans, meal plans and much more.
  • Full use of the gym and equipment. The only exception is the area reserved for camps and personal training. Also some equipment requires help or training if you are new to it—just ask.
  • All free classes
  • Keytag ID for quick entry.
  • New Member Orientation. 2 training sessions to help you get started.


Fill out our contact form and a coach will get back to you.



More about New Member Orientation

Total Performance Sports offers a free, valuable service to our new members, the New Member Orientation (NMO).

It is like getting two free personal training sessions with your membership!

Most gyms just take your membership dues and send you on your way once you sign up; not TPS. We want you to achieve all of your goals so we offer you two NMO sessions with one of our highly skilled and experienced coaches.

They will walk you through the gym, and familiarize you with it, and teach you how to exercise in the weight room safely and effectively.

Your sessions will include instruction on proper warm-up, a strength-training component, abs, flexibility, and cool-down. We will teach you how to perform a series of basic exercises with free weights and the weight of your body (push-ups, pull-ups, etc.).

Our coaches will be happy to answer your questions on how to maximize your time at TPS by suggesting some classes that fit your goals and your schedule.

Sign up for the NMO when you become a member and get started on the right foot. Ask your trainer about a discount on Personal Training, too! We have a special rate for new members who sign up during the NMO.

Specialized NMOs

Ask when you sign up if you are interested in:

  • Specialty Equipment. For those who are familiar with the gym, but not some of our more unique equipment
  • Strength. For those interested in Powerlifting techniques and/or learning how to set up the racks, bars and benches, bands and chains that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Strongman. A guided tour of the Strongman equipment, how to set it up, and a brief introduction on how to use it


EFT Memberships

Monthly dues in are taken out automatically from your credit card, debit card, or directly from your checking account. 6-month minimum.

You pay only the first month or a portion of your first month, determined by our billing dates, to get started. Your card will be billed once a month for the monthly price; it renews automatically unless you cancel. You may cancel any time after the 6-month minimum has ended (cancelling requires 30 days’  written notice, due to the automated billing).

Our EFT memberships come with a written guarantee* that your rate will NEVER increase, even after the initial period is over.

The big chains don’t offer that!


Joining online

By purchasing online, you agree to the terms and conditions of the TPS Membership Agreement (available at TPS). You must pick up a membership card and sign the Member Agreement on your first visit.

Please bring your credit card and a photo ID with you.



All online registrations receive a FREE copy of Strength and Conditioning Interrogations valued at $39.99. 

EFT – Basic

$49per month
$49per month
  • Monthly auto-withdrawalsAll memberships are binding when purchased online. For EFT memberships, you will be billed once per month for a total of six months. After you initial membership is fulfilled, it will renew on a monthly basis. Please see TPS for more details. These are web-only specials and must be purchased online to receive this offer.
  • Online only.
  • Strength &Conditioning Interrogations eBook by Alwyn Cosgrove, valued at $39.99. FREE
  • Guaranteed Rate*
    No Increases!
    *Requires Rate Lock Agreement


Discounted Memberships for Police, Fire, Military, & Seniors

For active-duty first responders and those over 65, TPS offers a special rate on EFT memberships (same terms as above). Police, fire, and military personnel just need to show current work ID.

Active Duty – Basic

$29per month
$29per month
  • Monthly auto-withdrawalsAll memberships are binding when purchased online. For EFT memberships, you will be billed once per month for a total of six months. After you initial membership is fulfilled, it will renew on a monthly basis. Please see TPS for more details. These are web-only prices and must be purchased online to receive this offer.
  • Online only.
  • Strength and Conditioning Interrogations eBook by Alwyn Cosgrove, valued at $39.99.
  • Guaranteed Rate
    No Increases!


Family Memberships

Additional family members are $25.00 per month each- Basic EFT only.
Family plan is immediate family only (custodial parents/guardians and children/spouses, husbands/wives).


For those would prefer to pay up-front; Pay the full amount when you join.




1 Month

  • Don’t like commitments?
  • Try a month.

1 Year

  • Strength &Conditioning Interrogations eBook by Alwyn Cosgrove, valued at $39.99. FREE

3 Month Student Membership

  • Must have current Student I.D.


Advanced Membership

Our Advanced Membership includes all of the features of the Basic Membership and much more.
Our Advanced Membership is perfect for those looking for an option between having a coach and a Basic Membership.
The Advanced Membership features:

Professionally written programs for:
• Powerlifting
• General Fitness
• Getting jacked and Ripped
• World class strength
• Limitless conditioning
• More programming options to come

  • Low price
    Use of Personal Training room when during non-class times
    Coaches available during scheduled hours to assist you with form/technique
    If coaches are available during other times not on the schedule they may assist you
    Private Facebook page with chats, video analysis of lifts and more

Meet Prep Peaking Block: includes warmup/attempt selection and personalized peaking cycle (additional fee)

  • Benefits:
    You have an actual coach to assist you in the weight room, as opposed to an online coach
    Programs written by renowned coaches with years of experience, not a 19-year-old internet douche
    Training with a group of motivated like-minded people
    Use of Personal Training room, this is great when the gym is crowded, and for those who like to train more privately
    Built in community via the group and exclusive Facebook page & FB Live with weekly chats/video analysis, almost like a classroom-ALL VIDEOS POSTED WILL GET A COACHES RESPONSE
    Very affordable, most online coaching is twice the price

NOTES: This is not for raw beginners. This level of membership is perfect for those with a good understanding of basic lifts and technique.
It is ideal for those who:
• need or want a coach
• are not getting what they need from an online coach
• do not know how to properly write their own program
• need some help with form and technique
• do not know how to choose assistance work
• want to train with a similar group of people
• compete in Powerlifting-we have programs specifically for peaking for meets as well as “off season”
• those who want to be in the best shape of their life and be STRONG, but can’t afford Personal Training
• need accountability to stick with the program and reach their goals


See what our Advanced Members think of the program: 

From Kyle J:

I’ve been working with Kevin as part of the Advanced Membership program for 10 weeks and will be speaking on my experience through a powerlifting focused program. In the time Kevin and I have been working together my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. 

Fortunately, Kevin is also one of my training partners 2 of the 4 days I train so I’m often able to receive cues / corrections in real time. When we don’t train together I’m able to receive remote analysis of my filmed lifts in the Advanced Membership Facebook group or on Instagram.

I’ve been lifting weights/ working out in some capacity for 10 years consistently so I thought I had a lot figured out but I’ve gained more knowledge in both the technical side as well as scientific side than any other period of my training. 

Had I started working with Kevin sooner I’m confident I’d have avoided many injuries as well as made greater strides in my progress too.

Almost anyone with a few years of training and education under their belt can write a fairly competent training program or modify a free one off the internet. The problem is most who do it on their own nitpick, over analyze, overestimate their strength, don’t have the expertise to make form corrections on their own, or will scrap it altogether after one bad training day. 

 Having a qualified coach to be objective as well as hold you honest and accountable can not be overstated especially when it comes with a super low $40 price tag which is about the same as the average pre-workout supplement but a far greater value which will you net you exponentially greater results. 

– Kyle


From Michelle S:

I can’t say enough good things about TPS Method. I will admit that I was maybe a little … dubious … at first.

On paper, it looks easy.

Easier than what I was doing before.

On paper.

Or so I thought.

I am working with a nutrition coach and have to send in progress pics every week (which makes me feel like the biggest jackass EVER, but that’s beside the point).

This week, I thought, holy shit, I am fucking JACKED.

Yes, I know a lot of that has to do with nutrition, but there is of course a training aspect there as well.

There are amazing muscles popping everywhere! But even better than the visual, was the realization that nothing hurts.


My knees don’t EVER hurt.

That’s …. unheard of.

I literally used to have to grab the countertop to squat down to dig through the tupperware containers, and grab it again to assist myself back up, because without a thorough warm up, my knees would SCREAM at me.

My hips don’t hurt at all, ever.

Again, somewhat unheard of, as I had been having issues with them for years, starting way back in my triathlon training days.

Literally, no pain.

That’s not to say I’m not sore from TPS – but it’s the good sore. 🙂

So – huge snaps. LOVING the program!!!!!!

And the gym and the coaches. It’s an awesome place. 

So, in short, nice job. 🙂 




TPS also offers Day Passes and Punch Cards for those who are visiting from out of town, or just want to train here occasionally.

Punch Card 5 Visits

  • Save $10 vs. 5 Day Passes

Punch Card 10 Visits

  • Save $25 vs. 10 Day Passes

Day Pass

  • Train for a day, no commitment.


Compared to what you get at other gyms in the Boston area—whether they charge upward of $100 per month for run-of-the-mill equipment and expertise or $10 a month for a McGym with even less—TPS is a steal.


*Your rate on all EFT memberships is guaranteed to never increase. All EFT memberships are assessed a Rate Lock fee of $25.00 90 days after your anniversary date annually.


**All memberships are binding when purchased online. For EFT memberships, you will be billed once per month for a total of six months. After you initial membership is fulfilled, it will renew on a monthly basis.

Please see TPS for more details. These are web-only specials and must be purchased online to receive this offer.


***Free month details: After your initial period is over (6 months) your 7th month is free.

This applies only to accounts in good standing.

Does not apply to any accounts in arrears.