• The Moustache Files-May 2015-Watch the TPS Coaches Train



    I am always shooting video and I am sharing some of our training footage with you this month.

    First up is Coach Adam Pine crushing a 710 deadlift.



    Next is Coach Phil coming back form a hip injury and killing 405 in the squat.



    Big Electric, Coach Owen Church is accepting a Prowler Challenge here.



    I (Russ) am hitting an 835 pound Safety Squat bar good morning below.


    Finally, out of the archives is Murph smashing 1000 ponds on the EliteFTS Power Squat.



    We hope you enjoy this and get an eye for how we train.


    We push ourselves all the time so that we can make you all better athletes.


    Wishing you the best in your training,

    Russ Smith

    Westside Barbell Certified, ISSA CFT

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