• The Moustache Files- September 2015 Advanced Belt Squat Variations



    Advanced Belt Squat Variations

    Hi everyone, Russ here with some cool new exercises to make you stronger by using the EliteFTS Belt Squat.

     Belt Squat , Russ Smith, Shoulderok

    Using the belt squat machine is a great tool to build you lower body.

    Here are 3 advanced belt squat variations that will work your legs while building your torso and shoulders as well.

    I like to add these in near the end of my training up to 2x per week.



    Bamboo Bar Overhead Walking, 2 minute sets.




    Belt Squat Walking with Safety Squat Bar, 2 Minute sets.


    Belt Squat Step Up with Shoulderok, 5 Minute sets.





    For a review of the Belt Squat Basics click watch this.




    Wishing you the best in your training.

    Russ Smith C.F.T.
    Westside Barbell Certified

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