Boston’s Best Personal Training


At TPS we will create a training program that is geared towards helping you reach your goals.

Whether it is dropping body fat, building muscle, or just improving the quality of your everyday life, we will tailor your program to give YOU the results that you want.

Boston's Best Personal Training

Our coaches will teach you proper exercise selection and technique, and they will ensure that you perform each and every repetition with perfect form. This is to make sure that you don’t get hurt and will be able to reap the rewards of an effective exercise regimen.

Personal training clients will work with a coach and no more than three other people in a group.

You will get all of the individual attention you need and want as well as having training partners with the same goals.Training in this manner is proven to give better results than training alone. Working with a coach and well matched training partners motivates you and gives better results than going it alone.

Too many times people walk into a gym and have no clue what they should do. Consequently, they stumble around the gym trying to figure out what each machine does. This inevitably leads to frustration and them quitting before they even had a chance to get going. Never again!

At TPS our coaches will make sure that when you walk into the weight room, you’ll never be confused with equipment or what to do again.

Gone are the countless hours spent walking on a treadmill like a hamster.

TPS uses a variety to cardio-conditioning tools including the Prowler, dragging sleds, sandbags, kettle bells, and many other tools to make body fat melt off of you.

Boston’s Best Personal Training programs are designed to…

  • Build strength for everyday life
  • Build muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Build confidence
  • Change your physique
  • Improve your overall body conditioning
  • Help you to achieve YOUR goals .

1-on-1 personalt training is the fastest ways to acheive your goals and look and feel your best.






We have a weight room full of equipment that is specifically designed and selected to facilitate your journey to a new you. You might not see some of the equipment that you are familiar with. This is because TPS was set up for success!

The average gym is not designed to get results.

They are PROFIT driven only.

TPS is results driven.

We are here to make sure that you get the results that you came in for. Our equipment reflects that.

Don’t worry if it’s unfamiliar at first, you’ll be like an old pro quickly.

We also offer a variety of nutritional programs that will be tailored to your specific needs (just like your workout program). If your goal is to drop fat, build muscle, or even get ready for a bodybuilding show, we will be able to get you on the right track to a healthier, happier you.

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