TPS specializes in the training of athletes. We have proven programs and techniques that will help the athlete improve in the areas that their individual sport calls for. Whether it’s speed, strength, agility – any area, TPS has a group of coaches that will motivate the athlete and push them to new heights. As current and former collegiate and professional athletes themselves, the coaching staff at TPS has been there, in the trenches, preparing for an upcoming season, rehabbing from an injury, and mentally preparing themselves for the rigors of a season. Not only can they teach you what to do, they’ve done it or are still doing it.

Our sports performance program covers basic strength and conditioning, sprint mechanics, agility, advanced strength conditioning techniques, and more all combined in a well-balanced program designed to make you the most dominant athlete on the field.

We can also prepare you for a college or a professional Combine. Our coaching staff has worked with many athletes and had great success in this area.

Believe it or not Combine prep is an art in itself. There are tips, tricks and techniques to winning at the combine and we know them all. Don’t blow your chance at the big time. If you are given the opportunity to go to a combine arm yourself with every weapon that you have to win.

TPS is the only place to train if you want to win. Call Total Performance Sports today to book a consultation orl come in for a tour, your competitors might be doing the same thing.

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You can work with a qualified coach to improve your performance on your own or in a group. See 1-on-1 Personal Training for more details or call TPS at 617-387-5998 rates and packages.

Personal training is offered to current TPS members, but those considering the gym are welcome to arrange a consultation with a coach any time.

We also offer seminars that may be right for you; check our Coming Events. {links to coming events & news}