All the results of one on one personal training training at a fraction of the price

Training in a group can be just as effective and efficient as training 1-on-1, with the added benefit of learning from your training partners, not just your coach. TPS offers several types of group training for a huge range of goals.


Groups meet 3 times each week and are offered at an incredible value.

Total Performance Method >>

See what all the fuss is about—The TPS Method provides more thorough guidance, more solid expertise, and better, safer results than the popular “functional” training programs out there. Women-only sessions are offered each week too.

531 Training Group >>

Jim Wendler’s 531 training system has taken the world by storm and for good reason. It is simple, effective and it works. This group has Jim’s personal endorsement.

Custom Training Groups (call for pricing)

Have friends with similar goals you’d like to train with and save cash? Would you like to find out if we can pair you with 1 to 4 like-minded training partners? Give us a call and schedule a consultation at (781) 912-2025


Camps meet 2 times each week.

Awesome Camp for Men >>

Guys, get more Awesome. Add muscle, get stronger, get jacked!

Olympic Lifting Camp >> (currently postponed)

Get strong and fast! Don’t trust your body to someone who learned these complex lifts in a weekend, learn them from our experienced and meticulous experts.