TPS Method for Maximizing Movement

Most people when they enter the gym do not know how to properly warm-up based upon their needs and the exercises being performed that day. A well planned warm-up can help maximize your performance in the gym while keeping you healthy and allowing you to train injury free for the long term.

The TPS Method for Maximizing Movement Quality is far more than just a warm-up plan. It can help identify movement impairments that are causing you pain and disallowing you to take part in activities you once enjoyed. This pain can include low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, you name it. The majority of pain is caused by the sum of our movement impairments. If we clear up the movement impairments we can begin to feel much better. The movement assessment and corrective exercise program that follows can do this.

TPS Director of Strength and Conditioning, Kevin Cann, has a Master’s Degree in kinesiology. He will review any past injuries and perform a thorough movement screen to gather the information necessary to personalize an individual warm-up, mobility, and corrective exercise program to help you maximize performance and minimize injury risk.

Cost of the TPS Method for Maximizing Movement is $150 which includes the following:

  • Initial assessment
  • Program designed specifically for your needs including mobility, corrective exercise, stretching and more
  • A supervised walkthrough of the program to ensure all exercises are being performed correctly
  • A follow up 6-8 weeks to ensure the exercises are working and to make any adjustments necessary

Read what Sumit had to say about his success:

Just wanted to say how thankful I am of Kevin for helping me fix my nagging injury.

I swear I haven’t felt this great in years and it’s all thanks to him. Knees and hips tightening when I squat…gone. Elbow pain when I bench…..gone!!

I am sure I wasn’t the easiest person to work with since I am not mobile nor flexible. But he has been patient and pushed me every single session. He is really personable, has a wealth of knowledge and is really passionate about helping others.

Also, his biggest quality lies on how empathic he is towards his clients. He wants to get to know the person and help them achieve their goal.

Over the course I have learned how to better approach my lifts and how to warm up and take care of my mobility issues. I definitely recommend Kevin to anyone who needs to learn more about mobility and corrective exercises. Not sure how TPS keeps getting the best trainers but I am glad to call TPS my gym.


Sumit Shukla

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