Do you feel pain during any movements such as squats, bench press, deadlifts, or even walking up and down stairs?

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain?

The TPS Method for Maximizing Joint Mobility can help.

Each client will receive an assessment to determine the movement impairments that may be leading to pain and injury. Once the movement impairment is identified each client will go through a process as follows:
IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) to help decrease tone of overactive muscles, allowing the appropriate neuromuscular response and making the corrective exercise more effective
Corrective exercise-Once the passive manipulation is done we need to engage in activity to make the new ROM stick. This may include various stretches and exercises and will be based off of each individual assessment
Re-assess- After the treatment is completed we will re-assess to ensure that it worked

This is not physical therapy.

Instead this bridges the gap between physical therapy and exercise. After the initial assessment you may be referred to a physical therapist. Subsequent visits are necessary to make the improvements seen last.