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TPS is Boston’s Best Powerlifting Gym.

We are Boston’s Strongest.

TPS is fully equipped with everything you need for Powerlfiting.

We have the equipment, the environment and the most experienced Powerlifting coaches  available.

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Here’s a short list of what we have:

  • Monolifts

  • EliteFTS USAPL Combo Rack

  • Comp Benches

  • Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper

  • Deadlift platforms with band attachements

  • Glute Ham Benches

  • Tons of specialty bars

  • Chains

  • Bands

  • and much more

See the full equipment list here.



TPS offers you several options to train for your sport.

Raw, single ply or multi ply, we’ve got covered with the most experienced coaches around.

We have a Basic Membership that allows you full use of the main gym and all equipment.

We offer an Advanced Membership that includes:

  • Proven Powerlifting programs for all levels written by Head Coach C.J. Murphy

  • Access to our constantly expanding Video Library of exercises and technique

  • Access to the Private Facebook group where you can ask advice, post training videos and get immediate feedback from our coaching staff

  • In person coaching at scheduled times

  • Much more


And we also offer you the TPS Method for Powerlifting


The TPS Method for Powerlifting is our Premiere coaching service.

It includes programming and in person coaching three days per week.

This is your best option if you truly want to dominate the platform.

Need more information?

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