Want to learn how to do Strongman events and get an awesome workout in at the same time?

Learn to lift Atlas Stones at Boston's only fully equipped Strongman gym,learn how to do strongman, atlas stones, strongman saturday


Strongman Saturday is what you need.

These are held monthly on the 2nd Saturday.

We will teach you a few events and then make you do them in contest conditions.

Don’t worry if you’re not strong enough for a contest yet.

We will keep the weights where you can handle them and make sure you get a great workout, too.

Strongman Saturdays,learn how to do strongman, atlas stones, strongman saturday

Strongman Saturday is fun!

Want to find out how much fun?

Want to find out how STRONG you are?

Get to the next one. We focus on one or two different events each day, and once we teach them to you, we put you through them in contest conditions. It is a great workout and, as I said, a lot of fun. Who says lifting needs to be boring? Strongman Saturdays are awesome.


Strongman Saturday is open to members and non-members and women are encouraged to attend!


You can register in two ways:
At the Front Desk the day-of or online right now!

Register online here


2016 Strongman Saturday Schedule:
May: Super Yoke (Atlas Stones if it rains)
June: Truck Pull (Weather Permitting) If it rains we will try to reschedule depending on truck availability
July: Conan’s Wheel and Viking Press
August: No events TPS Contest is this month
September: Frame Carry & Farmers Walks
October: Tire Flips
December: Axle Deadlift/Clean and Press
Events subject to change.

All sessions begin at 12:00 Noon.