Dear Murph,

We would like to thank you and Total Performance Sports-Boston’s Best Personal Training for all the hard work, attention, caring and of course the incredible results that you were able to accomplish with our son Matthew, or “Foley” as you know him. As you know we were devastated after Matt’s near fatal accident but never gave up hope that he would recover fully from his extremely serious injuries.

When Matthew was finally released from the hospital after four months the doctors were not very encouraging about his ability to fully recover from his injuries. When Matthew talked about calling you to take him on as a personal training client to help him regain his strength, coordination and overall conditioning we were skeptical but Matthew had all the confidence in the world in you and that was more important.

Over many months of slow but steady conditioning we were started noticing significant in1provements in Matt’s condition. It was not only the improvements in his physical condition that truly amazed us but his confidence and attitude grew significantly. We know that you really cared about Matthew and getting him back in shape and we can never thank you enough for all you did for hin1. We know it must be a great personal satisfaction to see Matthew’s condition today than when he went to you eighteen months ago even when all his doctors held out so little hope for such a great recovery!

Testimonial on Total Performance Sports-Boston's Best Personal Training

Murph, thank you again for all you have done for Matt and being their when we needed you the most.

We know Matt gets some of the credit for working hard and listening to you but this letter is a testin1onial to Boston’s Best Personal Training’s accomplishments with Matt’s recovery.

We shall never forget what you did for Matt and will always be grateful.

Sincerely, Bob & Mary Forshay