• Nail Bending

    Five Reasons to Start Bending Nails Hi, my name is Jedd Johnson. I am a CSCS through the NSCA, an RKC through Dragondoor, and am co-founder of DieselCrew.com. Our website is dedicated to exploring the development of strength and conditioning for all athletes in all sports. Over the years, my favorite facet of strength training

  • The Plank Pinch

    The Plank Pinch for Scary Thumb Strength by Grip Strength Expert, Jedd Johnson, from the Diesel Crew. Jedd loves all forms of training and has written many articles about strength and conditioning. Check out his site,DieselCrew.com for more innovative training ideas. With the Halloween season here, it is time to build a piece of wicked equipment that we

  • Expand Your Carb Choices

    Bored with your carb choices? How many of you are tired of eating sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal over and over again in your quest to eat healthy and avoid processed carbs? A lot, I’m betting. As you may know, carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy. Lots of the carbs available these days

  • Self Limiting Exercsie

    Guest Post-The following is a guest post from Alwyn Cosgrove. AC is one of the best in the world at coaching and programming. Here is his take on an issue you don’t hear much about: Self limiting Exercise I was first introduced to the term self-limiting exercise a few years ago while speaking with Gray

  • Westside-Strongman – How to do it

    I get calls just about every day asking for help integrating strongman training and Westside style training, and I see a lot of confusion with this. Many athletes look at Westside and say it doesn’t work, or think it’s all about putting bands and chains on your bar, and that’s it. So, before we get

  • The Reeves Deadlift

    A Grip Lift You Never Knew Existed – The Reeves Deadlift Grip training is very important if you want to reach your total performance potential, whether you are a competitive athlete, rock climber, law enforcement officer, or other individual whose job, sport, or pastime requires strong hands. An easy way to include Grip Training in

  • Good Protein Choices

    As you should know by now, to make optimal progress in your fitness plan, nutrition is a key component. When it comes to losing the most body fat and gaining the most muscle, one nutrient stands out as being the cornerstone of your nutrition plan: protein. Protein is essential to making gains for a few

  • Gripper Training

    The Crushing Addiction – Gripper Training   This is a guest post by Jedd Johnson, from the Diesel Crew. Jedd’s passion is Grip training, he readily competes in grip strength contests, and has produced multiple resources on building world class hand strength. He is THE Grip Authority. In Grip Training, Crushing is the act of closing the fingers into

  • Fruit Is Good for You

    Fruit is bad for you? I get this question all of the time when doing nutrition consultations. It goes something like this, I’ll prepare a meal plan for someone to follow and during the review, the client will look in horror and see that there is fruit in the diet. The usually say something like

  • Fish Oil: Why You Need It (Hopefully Without a Prescription)

    August 2010 – So as I predicted a few years ago, the drug companies are at it again. It seems that fish oil is now available by prescription. I’m not kidding. I predicted this a few years ago, as well as ephedra becoming available by prescription. No news on the ephedra yet, but time will