• May 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates:   TPS Coach Candace Puopolo walks the walk. She competed on April 23rd in Cincinnati at the SPF Women’s Pro Am and put up a huge total. Candace finished the day with a: 385 Squat 240 Bench Press 420 Deadlift 1030 total at 132 pounds! WOW!   Victor Biryukov: Elite Ranked Powerlifter

  • April 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Updates April 2017   TPS is proud to welcome Victor Biryukov to the team. Victor is a beast. Here’s a little about him: Victor Biryukov was born July 28, 1986, in Ust-Ilimst, Russia. At the ripe age of 15, Victor started down the long path that would lead him to beat multiple world records

  • March 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates: We’ve got a few updates for you this month, up first is Zach: Making a Fresh Start By Zach DiCostanzo I hate clichés. Like, absolutely cannot stand them. Throughout my entire academic experience, it was drilled into me that they should be avoided at all costs. They’re lazy. A cliché is the

  • February 2017 Updates

        Rosty has been riding the volume train for a while. It seems to be working well! Here is the latest from him:   Hello, friends! These past weeks, training has been heavy, but rewarding. As usual lots of volume: benching 4 times a week and it’s going great, trying to get a littlemore

  • January 2017 Updates

    From Rosty: Hello, friends! Quick update on my training. November was my first month after the October competition (RPS Power Challenge) and I’m slowly getting back in the groove and overcoming minor nagging injuries – mostly my bad knee and lower back issues. Trying different recovery tricks – like rolling with pvc pipe and lacrosse

  • December 2016 Updates

    I’ve got two sweet announcements this month. First, the Team section of the website has been under construction for a while, BUT it’s almost done! I hope to have it up before Christmas. Yeah I said Christmas. Don’t care if that offends you. Second, I am proud to introduce you to our newest sponsored athlete,

  • October 2016 Updates

    Carlos Moran is lifting this weekend at the TPS/RPS meet and is looking for a 2000 pound total. I think he can do it! Nick Cambi is on fire. Watch the video below: Lodrina Cherne had a busy month. You can see below in here own words. In the past month I attended a number

  • September 2016 Updates

    Lodrina just informed me that she will be competing in May at the equipped USAPL Men’s and Women’s Nationals Powerlifting in Colorado. Lodrina is a BEAST on the platform and we’ll be sure to see an outstanding performance. Lodrina get s a lot of questions: Lo gave me this to help all of the new

  • July 2016 Updates

    Lodrina Just Killed It Again: Here are the details from Lo- In May I competed at the USAPL Men’s and Women’s National Championships in Aurora, CO. I had a 386lb squat, 209lb bench, and 386lb deadlift for a 981lb total. This was good for fourth place in the 57kg class and a huge single ply

  • June 2106 Updates

    Lodrina Cherne of TeamTPS just competed at the USAPL National Championships in the equipped division. Lo took 4th place in a stacked 57kg class and hit a triple bodyweight squat of 386 pounds! She gave me an update a few days before the meet. Here it is in her own words: I am competing in