• May 2018

      TeamTPS competed last month at the RPS New England Revolution in Sterling, Connecticut and most had an awesome day. Except me. I bombed. You can read my Coaching Log about it on Elitefts.com. Enough about me though. Let’s start with Olivia Kostopolous. She had a great day going 7 for 9. Liv hit a

  • March 2018

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates: It seems that all of my lifters are busy prepping for stuff. Here’s a quick update from Victor Biryukov: Last three months was really tough and very busy. All of December and part of January I’ve been dealing with my back pain, going to the doctors, seeing different chiropractors and I got

  • February 2018

    February 2018

          From Lodrina Cherne: In honor of TeamTPS athlete Nick Cambi’s second place at World’s Strongest Man Under 105, I want to say congrats and share a story about how Cambi recently tricked me in the best possible way. Most squat nights I leg press as a secondary movement and one particularly late

  • January 2018

      TPS Athlete Nick Cambi just competed at the World’s Strongest Man Under 105Kg and he kicked ass. Events were: Last man standing Log 365 & 385 Yoke 900 pounds Car Deadlift Medley: Frame 700 Husafeld stone 350 pounds & Sandbag 265 pounds Truck Pull Stone Series 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400 Nicky took

  • December 2017

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates: Let’s start off with Rostyslav Kharchenko: Training is going as usual, intensity going up slowly. Resume of this past month: – Squats aren’t feeling as crisp as they should – switching some exercises around to provide more recovery for legs and back. – Dealing with some IT band issues – will add

  • November 2017

    Nick Cambi is en fuego: From Nick Cambi: Pro Strongman Vegas round two in three weeks NAS Nationals at Amateur Heavyweight Chasing Procard #2! World Strongest Man 105kg in December as well Stay Tuned! From Victor Biryukov: Powerlifting Hey, I know you usually want an update regards lifting some crazy weights or crazy exercises unfortunately

  • October 2017

      Nick Cambi of TeamTPS just finished 5th overall at America’s Strongest Man in Vegas. I am waiting for an update from him. Congratulations Nick.   Rosty Kharchenko Hi! My training going as planned. Still going high volume- sets of eight and ten across all big three. It brings its fruit-bodyweight and muscle mass growing

  • September 2017

      Victor Biryukov has some awesome news this month:   Hi, Great news, I got qualified for the USPA US Open in San Diego, CA next year. I have 9 months to prepare for the most important competition in my life. This summer was super tough, I pulled my lower back few times and injured

  • August 2017

    TeamTPS Athlete Update: I’ve got a few updates this month from the team. Ladies first; her is Lodrina Cherne’s news: Spent the end of June in Austin, Texas at a digital forensics conference and was fortunate to also visit the Stark Center at UT Austin on the same trip. The Stark Center houses a variety

  • July 2017

      Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile just got back from APF Equipped Nationals in Florida. We were hoping to see her PR in the deadlift (She did deadlift only). Sadly, Jane had a tough day and was not successful due to a few technical errors. Her third deadlift attempt did not count, as she