• August 2017

    TeamTPS Athlete Update: I’ve got a few updates this month from the team. Ladies first; her is Lodrina Cherne’s news: Spent the end of June in Austin, Texas at a digital forensics conference and was fortunate to also visit the Stark Center at UT Austin on the same trip. The Stark Center houses a variety

  • July 2017

      Jane “The World’s Strongest Granny” Stabile just got back from APF Equipped Nationals in Florida. We were hoping to see her PR in the deadlift (She did deadlift only). Sadly, Jane had a tough day and was not successful due to a few technical errors. Her third deadlift attempt did not count, as she

  • June 2017

    More news about our team of lifters. See what’s going on with Boston’s Strongest Team. Up first this month: Rosty Just quick update. As my monthly update I want to present a short YouTube video on bodyweight exercises that you can do while travelling (I made it while visiting Ukraine). https://youtu.be/00Z5dOQkyPc Also, I had an

  • May 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates:   TPS Coach Candace Puopolo walks the walk. She competed on April 23rd in Cincinnati at the SPF Women’s Pro Am and put up a huge total. Candace finished the day with a: 385 Squat 240 Bench Press 420 Deadlift 1030 total at 132 pounds! WOW!   Victor Biryukov: Elite Ranked Powerlifter

  • April 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Updates April 2017   TPS is proud to welcome Victor Biryukov to the team. Victor is a beast. Here’s a little about him: Victor Biryukov was born July 28, 1986, in Ust-Ilimst, Russia. At the ripe age of 15, Victor started down the long path that would lead him to beat multiple world records

  • March 2017 Updates

    TeamTPS Athlete Updates: We’ve got a few updates for you this month, up first is Zach: Making a Fresh Start By Zach DiCostanzo I hate clichés. Like, absolutely cannot stand them. Throughout my entire academic experience, it was drilled into me that they should be avoided at all costs. They’re lazy. A cliché is the

  • February 2017 Updates

        Rosty has been riding the volume train for a while. It seems to be working well! Here is the latest from him:   Hello, friends! These past weeks, training has been heavy, but rewarding. As usual lots of volume: benching 4 times a week and it’s going great, trying to get a littlemore

  • January 2017 Updates

    From Rosty: Hello, friends! Quick update on my training. November was my first month after the October competition (RPS Power Challenge) and I’m slowly getting back in the groove and overcoming minor nagging injuries – mostly my bad knee and lower back issues. Trying different recovery tricks – like rolling with pvc pipe and lacrosse

  • December 2016 Updates

    I’ve got two sweet announcements this month. First, the Team section of the website has been under construction for a while, BUT it’s almost done! I hope to have it up before Christmas. Yeah I said Christmas. Don’t care if that offends you. Second, I am proud to introduce you to our newest sponsored athlete,

  • October 2016 Updates

    Carlos Moran is lifting this weekend at the TPS/RPS meet and is looking for a 2000 pound total. I think he can do it! Nick Cambi is on fire. Watch the video below: Lodrina Cherne had a busy month. You can see below in here own words. In the past month I attended a number