Victor Biryukov has some awesome news this month:



    Great news, I got qualified for the USPA US Open in San Diego, CA next year. I have 9 months to prepare for the most important competition in my life. This summer was super tough, I pulled my lower back few times and injured my chest and shoulder. I’m slowly recovering and will start preparing for the meet soon. I’m really excited and can’t wait to start training.




    Lodrina Cherne has been busy as always.

    Jeff and Lodrna Columbus

    Her is what she is up to from her:

    After traveling to Texas, Georgia, and Minnesota earlier this summer for competitions and education, it was a nice change traveling no further than Marlborough, Massachusetts for the USAPL Northeast Regional Championships this August. The first day of the championship weekend I assisted with the scoring table, the second day I handled my husband who had an exciting 30kg meet PR.


    In my own training, I’m focusing on just one thing which is consistent training, including eating and refueling around training sessions. For September, I’m looking forward to the Kabuki Movement System seminar (I’ve been signed up since it was announced in 2016!). Hope to see lots of people from TPS take advantage of this really special opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field!


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